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The Neb – MkII Version

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Shortly after publishing an article of a first version of this magnificent fantasy ship model, which is nearly one meter long, on the Starship Modeler Forum, I received a new commission to carry out a new version on a smaller size.
The idea did not convince me too much from the model-making point of view, because once you know the model and you mostly solved the potential challenges, it stops being a challenge.
However the idea of it in smaller dimensions presented more drawbacks than expected, especially in solving the most thorny issue of both versions, which was the illumination system for the model.
In fact in this case I had to rethink it in more than 60%, particularly for the trust disks, that I built in the first version with a variant of incandescent bulbs known as “neon's”, which were be impossible to use in this new scale because of their size.
Having had several setbacks in the previous version, a new approach to start modeling of the ship was needed, so I decided to start from a solid original sculpt of the ship, that I molded then, to get separate halves as "shells", to finally get a hollow structure able to house all the lighting circuitry.
The primary advantage against first version was that I already obtained both halves ready to assemble without major detailing work (except of assembling and sanding).

About the Author

About Guillermo Centeno (gdcdreamer)

I've been working on original sculpting and scratchbuilding for almost two decades. Now I'm trying to make of this passion a way of living. I also work on commissioned projects and as a free-lance sculptor.


Amazing model, very impressive with all the LED illumination turned on. It is great to read how the whole thing was built; thanks for publishing this one, Andy. Mario
JUL 30, 2010 - 06:48 PM
It was my pleasure to publish this build. Absolutely stunning piece of work by Guillermo. Thanks for submitting. Andy
JUL 31, 2010 - 12:39 AM
That's awesome !! I'm a big Matrix fan and I just spent the best part of half an hour looking at that feature and thinking about the skills of Guillermo in putting it together. Just amazing, thanks for sharing. Cheers, D
JUL 31, 2010 - 01:24 AM