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I thought I would submit some photos of a recent fun project I worked on. My son is a mad keen Spiderman fan, so I decided to get the Retro SF Spider Banananaaa figure and build it for his birthday. Since its a simple figure with just the torso and arms, I thought I needed to do some kind of diorama to display him. I really don't have any experience with dioramas at all, so decided to keep it simple and depict a scene, where our little minion hero is practicing his web making skills.

It took around a fortnight all up to construct. The Retro SF minions are great fun to build and paint.

For those looking for the kit you can find it here: https://retrokitonline.net/product/spiderbananaaa

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About the Author

About Daniel Dacey (DanielD)

Software developer and teacher from Tasmania Australia. Returning to the hobby after a long absence and enjoying once again what the hobby has to offer. Mainly build kits based on aircraft, but do dabble in AFV and even the odd other subject.


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