Desert World of Jakku

This time I decided to revive the desert world of Jakku, namely the very same Star Wars scene where the last full-scale battle took place. The Battle of Jakku is a battle forever in history, where the Empire routed the Rebellion once and for all. This battle brought together the largest fleet in the entire war. The armies of the warring parties from the two fleets came together in a battle for control of the planet Jakku. From the video you will learn not only how to create an ultra realistic desert surface, but also how to make Interceptor and X-wing ships with your own hands. You will see a cemetery of space ships, where steel giants have fallen, a lot of humanoids Java, who were roaming around the Jakku desert in search of broken equipment. Modeling is an art that can revive anything, even the desolate world of Jakku. Watch my new video to immerse yourself in the full-scale battle of the Galactic Civil War, and may the Force be with you.

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Beautiful work and I am more and more impressed with how far 3D is evolving.
FEB 01, 2020 - 06:29 AM
I have problems with this diorama on many levels. While the techniques used are good, the overall scene does not live up to its title and there are other things that just don't sit right. To mention a few: Jakku is a desert world and no descriptions or images of it show any water still extant on its surface so this beach scene makes no sense. The rust on the TIE makes sense only if the craft is built of iron-based materials which is unlikely in the future as even now we have moved on to various other materials and steel would not be a good option for such a vehicle. The pilot's uniform is strangely intact after sitting exposed for the length of time it took for all the rust to appear and ignoring the effect of the waves and water itself on the corpse. Nice work, but the whole thing as a unit does not work as described IMHO.
FEB 01, 2020 - 07:06 AM
Hi Darren, hate to be a party pooper but I listed this guys videos on January 7th. brekinapez, I agree about the tie interceptor but I don't recall there actually being a diorama about Jakku having a tie interceptor but he did build another diorama that involved an x wing and a tie fighter that had crashed on Jakku which is in the link provided. hope this helps Klaus
FEB 01, 2020 - 02:42 PM