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MISSION: Battle of Britain            


  MISSION:Battle of Britain
  START DATE:May 19th, 2003
  ENDS:July 7th, 2003

Operational Overview
This will be an aircraft campaign revolving around the historical aspects of the Battle of Britain (May-December 1940). Please read the rules and regs section below for complete details. Have fun!

The Rules and Regs
This is what I propose for this campaign:

  1. Open to all.

  2. All models and dioramas to have as the main theme
    aircraft that were involved in the Battle for Britain, between May and
    December 1940.

  3. 4 categories:

    a.) For the Novice
    builder. In this category the builder is either; new to building models, new
    to aircraft models or normally builds other types of models

    b.) For the Intermediate
    builder. In this category the builder usually builds aircraft and the model is
    built out of the box (I believe out of the box in IPMS American contest rules
    is to restrictive. "It has to be in the box to be allowed"?) My interpretation
    of out of the box includes simple enhancements like PE seat belts and antenna
    wires but not other detailing using aftermarket goodies.

    .) For the Experienced builder. In this category,
    anything goes from out of the box to hyper detailed (If you have been building
    aircraft models for some time and even if you build simply out of the box then
    this category is for you) I would put myself here, even though I build
    effectively OOB.

    .) Dioramas. No size limits, the scene must have,
    as it's main focus an aircraft that was involved in the BfB as outlined above.
    I am considering doing a Supermarine Walrus picking up a downed airman.

  4. Any scale.

  5. All none dioramas to be on a display base. This could
    be as simple as a piece of hard board with a map of the UK pasted to it or a
    vignette with a single figure. (Any more than 1 figure will be classed as a

  6. Time scale; start Monday May 19th, finish Monday 7th
    July, 10 weeks. Novice builders may start on Monday 5th May, a 4 week
    extension. (Although it would be nice to run the campaign on the same time
    frame as the actual battle I think 8 months is a bit long. Also other
    campaigns are going on and it would be nice not to clash, to heavily with

  7. In progress pics are submitted regularly. To me this is
    one of the most important aspects of the campaign. Regular updates keep the
    thing "alive". The dilemma though is that not every one has access to the
    necessary equipment to be able to do this and insisting on this means the
    campaign being restricted to those with the right equipment (no jokes about
    size not being the issue). It is necessary however to show that the project
    was produced within the time frame to qualify for the campaign ribbon.

  8. Not a competition so no prizes, campaign ribbon for
    those completing the project within the time frame.

  9. At the end of the campaign the Armorama community will
    be asked to vote for their favourite model in each category. This is to inform
    Members about the sort of thing going on in the Aircraft forum. Members taking
    part can also vote, but of course, not for their own work.

Contest Element
There is no contest element other than a public vote at the end to put the finished works on display for everyone.


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