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MISSION: Sheperd Paine Tribute Campaign            


  MISSION:Sheperd Paine Tribute Campaign
  CAMPAIGN LEADER:yeahwiggie
  SCALE:1:76 To 1:32
  START DATE:January 1st, 2019
  ENDS:August 1st, 2019

Operational Overview
This campaign is meant as an tribute to the late Sheperd Paine; one of the great inspirators in the hobby of scale modelling.
In order to honour him and his legacy we are building and creating in ths campaign as he did during his days.
We are gathering here to relive those early days and get some real creativity flowing.
Helping each other with hints, tips, suggestions is greatly appreciated!
The campain ends on the day of his passing.

The Rules and Regs
The kit you use must be older then 25 years. Re-issues are ok, as long as they contain or you use the original parts from then. No added parts. However you are allowed to use parts from other kits, which have to be at least 25 years as well.
The use of resin after market, PE-sets, turned barrels or other upgrade sets os not allowed. That includes those old Verlinden-sets or current day readymade washes and pigments. You use what you have; plastic card, copper wire, foil, popsickle sticks, chalks, you name it.

Contest Element


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