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 General Automotive
OPERATION: Garage Queens 2020 Group Build            


  OPERATION:Garage Queens 2020 Group Build
  SCALE:200mm To 1:6
  START DATE:January 1st, 2020
  ENDS:December 31st, 2020
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

Garage Queen 2020
This person finally completed that garage queen that's been hanging around for a long time.

Operational Overview
Clean out those shelves of shame, the forgotten boxes in the bottom of the closet, the dusty recesses of the stash. Let's take those unfinished gems and polish them up for a place of honor on the shelf of fame.

The Rules and Regs
1. Kit must have been started, but not yet finished
2. Any scale, any type from any of AutoModeler's sections.
3. Must post a starting picture to the campaign thread.
4. Must post at least two pictures of the finished build in the Garage Queens 2020 campaign thread.

Contest Element
One ribbon will be granted to all participants that finish the campaign. More than one build can be completed during the campaign, but only one ribbon will be awarded.


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