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MISSION: Fine Molds - World Fighter Series            


  MISSION:Fine Molds - World Fighter Series
  START DATE:June 1st, 2008
  ENDS:August 31st, 2008

Operational Overview
This campaign is all about Hasegawa Fine Molds World Fighter series of figures. These large scale slightly exagerated figures allow you to build a slightly less serious figure with some serious modeling details.
This will be about the build and seeing how all who join put together the figures and to see what the end result will be.
The idea is for sharing the series and a bit of modeling techniques. Research and detailing will come into play to get the uniform colors right and to add some of the smaller details on the figures.

The Rules and Regs
Rules are
1. Your figure must be from the Hasegawa Fine Molds World Fighter Series.
2. You must post a build thread of you kit and show at least one in progress shot.
3. You should reply to other build threads of enlistees to make it a social mission.
4. You must post at minimum one photo in the Gallery of the campaign of your completed figure.

Contest Element
An award ribbon will be presented to those who follow the rules.


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