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MISSION: Pearl Harbor 2010            


  MISSION:Pearl Harbor 2010
  START DATE:July 28th, 2010
  ENDS:December 7th, 2010

Operational Overview
dec 7, 1941
7:40 am 183 Japanese fighters, dive bombers, level bombers, and torpedo bombers from the first wave form up after what was termed the best launch yet north of Kakhuku Point.

7::49 the commander of the attack Cmdr Fuchida signals "to" meaning charge to the other aircraft. the flight breaks up to begin attack runs.

7:53 to 8:00 aircraft from the six carriers begin attacks on NAS Pearl Harbor (Ford Island), Hickam field, Ewa marine air corps station, Bellows field, Wheeler field, Kaneohe naval air station, and naval vessels and stations located in Pearl Harbor.

8:00 to 9:00 B-17c's and B-17e"s arrive from the US mainland and are attacked while trying to land at various fields.

9:00 2 P-40"s piloted by 2lt Whiteman and lt Bishop are shot down after getting airborne.

9:05 four P-36"s led by 1lt Sanders take flight, moments later another P-36 piloted by 2lt Moore takes off. he joins up with 2lt Brown from Haleiwa field

These are but a few of the aircraft that got airborne. I have it written down but can't seem to find the estimated total sorties flown that morning.

11:00 Cmdr Fuchida makes his final flight over the destruction. He leaves the area when he confirms he is the last plane to leave.

Starting July 28, this is the day in 1941 that Japan gives for the major reason for the attack. the embargo on oil, the freezing of assets and the closing of ports to japanese ships. this will end Dec 7. this is the day of the attack. I know this gives just over four months but I believe that will be more than enough time for even the most indepth builds.


After discussion and much thought the build will be proposed for June 7, 2010 to December 7, 2010.

The Rules and Regs
The rules will be simple.

any subject is game, providing the subject was in Hawaii during the attack of Dec 7 1941.

military or civillian subjects are possible.

planes, boats, figures, tanks, artillary, cars, trucks, etc..

the only us carrier allowed is the USS Enterprise. Inbound Dec 7 1941.

I ask you to finish. even if not in the posted dates for the build. dont let it become part of the unfinished/never to be finished pile.

Enjoy the build. if it isnt fun it isnt worth doing.


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