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MISSION: Afterburner Decals campaign            


  MISSION:Afterburner Decals campaign
  SCALE:1:72 To 1:32
  START DATE:March 1st, 2011
  ENDS:September 1st, 2011
Award Ribbon
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Afterburner Decals Award
This award signifies this person completed the Aeroscale "Afterburner Decals" Campaign

Operational Overview
Hi all.
As some of you may have noticed, I have been reviewing a quantity of Afterburner Decals recently. We at Aeroscale and Scott at Afterburner Decals thought it would be a great idea to have a Campaign that used the decals in the builds. Rather than have them sitting in a drawer and perhaps being used in a build, we thought why not let you, our readers out there, use them.
So if you fancy taking part in this campaign and would like to use the above decals [one set per person only] in your build for this campaign please PM me. The campaign will start on March 1st, 2011 and will last six months. This coincides with Justin McCracken's campaigns 'Fighting Falcons' and 'the Cats out of the Bag'. Justin has kindly allowed me to run the Afterburner campaign alongside his. As this is an unusual occurrence, we will bend the Campaign rules a bit and we are going to allow anyone to submit a build for the Afterburner Campaign and either the F-14/F-16 Campaigns. So if you build a F-16 ANG using Afterburners Decals you will be able to submit it for both the Afterburner and the Fighting Falcon Campaigns. If you are not fortunate to acquire one of the above sets, there is nothing stopping you using Afterburner Decals that you have acquired yourself. Although the decals we have on offer are all 1/48, there no reason why you cannot use the other scales available from Afterburner Decals. As an incentive Scott from Afterburner Decals is going to judge which model he likes the most and offer a prize from his decal range.
Please note although these are going out free to good homes, we at Aeroscale and Scott at Afterburner Decals expect you to use them in the Campaigns. Decals will not be sent out until the new year.

The Rules and Regs
Rules of engagement.
Campaign starts 1st March 2011 and finishes 1st September 1011.
You must submit an applicable build using the above decals from Afterburner Decals or Afterburner Decals from your own stash.
If you choose to build a F-16 or F-14 you will be allowed to enter the same model for Justin McCrackens two campaigns ''the Fighting Falcon'' and the Cat is out of the Bag''.
Scott from Afterburner Decals will judge which model he likes best.
Scott from Afterburner Decals will reward the winner with a prize from his range of decals.
Enjoy your build and good luck.


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