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 General Modeling
OPERATION: Space - real and fictional            


  OPERATION:Space - real and fictional
  CAMPAIGN LEADER:old-dragon
  SCALE:1:1200 To 1:6
  START DATE:December 31st, 2011
  ENDS:February 15th, 2013
  ADDITIONAL INFO/IMAGES:Click here to view
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

Space - Real & Ficitonal
Astronaut upon a field of Stars

Operational Overview
This campaign is for all walks of life space wise, real, fiction and anything in between. Any scale is acceptable and any theme from steampunk to real is acceptable. Even "proposed space" is welcome.

The Rules and Regs
The proposed basic rules would be:

1) Anything unfinished prior to Dec 31, 2011, would be eligible
2) Entries much be complete, photographed and submitted by Dec 31, 2012, to get the ribbon.
3) Entries must be some sort of either science ficiton or real space vehicle or machine.
4) Ground vehicles/mecha/suits are permitted.
5) Proposed manned or unmanned existing technology vehicles are permitted.
6) Fictional historical vehicles or devices may be permited at the discretion of the Campaign leader if (and only if) there is an existing story to justify the concept (something like an alternative history where Romans end up with steam punk armour, for instance, would work as long as it was based on an actually published work of fiction).
7) Anything futuristic is automatically acceptable (this includes Twilight 2000-style armour kitbashs)
7) Entrants must provide photos in at least the incomplete state, the complete, but unpainted and finally in the complete state in order to qualify for the ribbon.
8) Photos of at least the kit parts must accompany your entry to the campaign although started models are acceptable.
9) Scratchbuilding is not only acceptable, it is encouraged.
10) For completely fictional entries providing a backstory is encouraged, but not mandatory.
10) Fun is mandatory and all rules will be interpretted to maximise the fun. IF you are going to take this too seriously, just don't bother!

Contest Element
This will be a 1 year build beginning in late Dec this year{2011) and going to Dec next year{2012}...an extention "may" be added if most folks need or want it, but one year should be enough I'd think.
I want everyone on Model Geek to be able to get on board here and add their own piece of modeling history for what I hope to be the largest Model Geek campaign ever...come on folks join in and have a blast!


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