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In-Box Review
Typhoon update sets
Eduard update sets for Airfix Typhoon
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by: Andy Brazier [ BETHEYN ]

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Airfix's 1/24th Hawker Typhoon in my opinion was the kit of 2014, and Eduard have released several sets to embellish the already incredible detail in the kit.
In the second part of the two reviews, with the first part being the Brassin sets reviewed here, we shall look at the Photo Etch sets and mask set Eduard have produced.
All the sets are packed in Eduards standard re-sealable bag, with a set of instructions, and the photo etch sheets protected with a cardboard backing.
So starting in the cockpit....
Typhoon Fabric seatbelts
Item No - 23020
Price - 9.60 (Hannants)
The fabric belts are made up of 12 fabric parts, and 29 photo etch parts. The fabric seat belts are pre-coloured on one side only, are quite thin, but do have a nice texture to them. The photo etch parts are part pre-coloured, with the buckles being the fret metal colour.
The build sequence at first glance looks quite complicated with fabric and P.E parts being glued to every part, but once you study them it all makes pretty good sense.
Compared to the kits parts which are moulded in injected plastic, these are a lot better, and far more complete.
Eduard supply a brief text on using the parts,
1. Take the precut textile part out of the sheet.
2. Remove supporting paper.
3. Crumple the belt into a little ball and knead it between
the fingers.
4. Thread the belts through the buckles - use superglue.
5. Put the belts into the seat.
6. Spray by the glossy varnish.
7. Impregnate the belts with very diluted oil color
(mix black and brown) - it will highlight the texture.
8. Spray by matt varnish.
When the varnish becomes dry it is possible
to drybrush with light oil colour.
In my opinion I would say this set is a must have as it is so much better than the kits belts.
Eduard also produce a Photo Etch sets of belts, if you don't fancy the Fabric ones.
Typhoon interior
Item No - 23019
Price - 11.30 (Hannants)
One pre-coloured photo etch sheet, a small acetate film sheet, and a set of instructions are supplied for the cockpit interior.
The P.E parts replace or supplement the kits details, with the instrument panel getting 3 new dial bevels, and a switch. The right hand side console gets a complete makeover with the moulded on detail on the kits part removed and replaced with a photo etch panel. The left hand side console gets completely replaced. The throttle levers need plastic rod (not supplied) and the console has several P.E parts added. A lever (I have got no idea what it is, sorry lol) which is labeled as part B-23, is replaced with a multi part P.E lever which does look a lot more detailed, and fits on part A-15.
A few P.E parts are attached to the fuselage sidewalls, and framework.
The film sheets replace the clear plastic gunsights, and along with a P.E mount.
One part is for the exterior, with the canopy rail replaced with a P.E part. This part requires two bends, and due to the length you will need some sort of P.E bending tool to do it properly, and not the tweezer/knife way I do it lol.
Well this set is a bit of a mixed bag for me, there is some nice parts in the set which replace the kits parts, but there is also a lot of parts which I feel are just not worth it. Also what is a pretty complicated build in the first place, gets even harder adding the various P.E replacement parts to the build sequence. The kit will definitely benefit with the canopy and gunsight replacement detail, as well as the throttle lever consoles.
Typhoon Mk.Ib engine
Item No - 23017
Price - 19.50 (Hannants)
Two photo etch frets and a set of instructions are in this set. This set is for the opened engine bay so if you are closing the Typhoon up then skip this part of the review.
This set is mainly for the engine bay covers, which adds much needed internal framework for the lower and upper and top engine bay covers.
For adding the framework for the top and upper panels, the kits parts need the raised edge trimmed away.
The massive air scoop gets a new P.E mesh screen, which replaces the rather thicker plastic part.
Two engine components get P.E parts added to them and in the case of part C-23, which is a band that goes over the top of the engine block, this part gets more detailed parts to replace the moulded on detail. Parts C-49/52/53, a coolant tank, get a new P.E collar fitted.
The build sequence is a piece of cake to follow, as you are basically just glueing P.E parts onto the plastic kit parts.
This set is quite expensive, but will look good if you are showing the engine bay, as it adds internal detail to the panels.
Typhoon Mk.Ib landing flaps
Item No - 23018
Price - 22.60 (Hannants)
One large photo etch set and a set of instructions are in this packaging. If you are dropping the flaps on the kit then read on.
This set completely replaces the Airfix plastic flaps, and is by far the most complicated of the sets reviewed. Each flap of which there are four, requires multiple bending, and will be the most time consuming (and probably frustrating) part of installing the dropped flaps.
Each flap comprises of spars which has a edge folded 180 degrees, then the spar flap turns 90 degrees, then needs to be folded 180 degrees and glued onto the wing flap panel. A plastic rod (not supplied) is then inserted into the rear. It sounds so easy written down, but as each flap has at least 7 spars, it will take time and patience.
New inner faces for the upper wings are supplied, as the kits part has no detail.
This is a very nice and detailed set but it is not for the faint hearted, and is a tad costly.
Typhoon Mk.Ib wing armament
Item No - 23021
Price - 18.70 (Hannants)
One large sheet of P.E and a set of instructions are supplied to augment the gun bays.
The set contains parts to jazz up the gun bay wells, with new inspection panel clips going onto the main wing spar and a trim for the top of the central gun bay spar. New internal undersides for the gun bay covers are also supplied which has some very fine rivet detail. Several new brackets complete the assembly for the covers. The kits parts are rather plain in comparison.
The last detail is new P.E ammunition boxes which are more refined than the kits parts.
With this set the detail in the gun bays and the covers are greatly enhanced, but at a quite an expensive cost.
Typhoon Mk.Ib mask set
Item No - LX001
Price - 8.50 (Hannants)
The sheet of yellow Kabuki tape masks are packed in with a small set of instructions.
The set has masks for both sides of the main wheel hubs.
The front windscreen has full masks for the three clear parts of the windscreen, but the main canopy only has the outer edges supplied so a mask will be needed for the central part of the canopy.
Having worked with Eduard masks on several occasions, I can report they are easy to use and apply.
As the canopy on the Typhoon isn't that complex you could just mask it yourself, but if you are feeling particularly lazy, then you can't go far wrong with this set.
If I was pushed to what sets I would buy, then IMHO I would add the two Brassin sets from the previous review, along with the flap, wing armament, engine and the seat belt sets. The cockpit interior set has some very nice parts included, but I feel there isn't enough to justify the cost and time, (and getting totally confused with an additional set of instructions) to warrant adding it. I would also add the mask set in as I am terrible at masking.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AEROSCALE.
Highs: There is some very nice sets which will add detail to the already stunning Airfix Typhoon.
Lows: Some sets are expensive
Verdict: See Conclusion in main review.
  Scale: 1:24
  Mfg. ID: See text
  Suggested Retail: See text
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 14, 2015
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

Our Thanks to Eduard!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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Thanks for this, I have two of the birds and I was trying to decide which of these sets I would want to pick up. The RB Radiators are gorgeous, and if I had the eduard set, I would still pick up the RB set on top.
APR 22, 2015 - 04:35 AM

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