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In-Box Review
EagleParts Bf 109 Correction Sets
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

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As with the previous EagleParts sets I've seen, all the resin pieces are exceptionally well cast without a bubble in sight. Each set arrives in a sturdy clear plastic box and, while designed as direct replacements for the Hasegawa plastic items, may also be used to improve Bf 109 kits from other manufacturers.

EagleParts include very comprehensive instructions on how to prepare and fit each part. These take the form of a step-by-step guide illustrated with clear B&W photos of every stage. An important touch is that the instructions include prominent safety warnings about working with resin.

For comparison purposes, I've photographed each EagleParts item next to the original Hasegawa kit parts (on the left).

EP#20-48 & -32 - Bf 109F,G & K spinner
The subtle, but distinctive, shape of the late-mark Bf109 spinner has proved elusive for plastic kit manufacturers. EagleParts' replacement corrects the shape and also includes a more prominent blast-tube. The panel lines are better defined and rivets added, while the openings for the propeller blades are also reshaped. The set includes a jig for drilling the mounting hole.

Price: EP#20-48 & -32 $8.00

EP#21-48 & -32 - 300 lite drop tank
The Luftwaffe used several types of drop tanks. This set provides a three-part 300 litre tank based on an original tank in Eagle Editions' collection. It is split into front and rear halves, which include accurate mounting brackets and a fluted tail. The join is hidden by a delicate retaining-strap, beautifully cast complete with its buckle. Sat next to the 1/48 scale Hasegawa tank, the difference is obvious, with the EagleParts replacement being much more finely detailed and with neatly represented weld-seams.

Price: EP#21-48 $10.00
Price: EP#21-32 $12.00

EP#23-48 & -32 - Bf 109 ETC Rack
In 1/48 scale, the difference between EagleParts' rack and the plastic item is astounding! By comparison, Hasegawa's item looks like a crude toy, with tree-trunks for sway-braces. EagleParts' rack is designed to fit their own 300 litre tank, but can be used with a kit tank if desired.

Price: EP#23-48 $6.00
Price: EP#23-32 $8.00

EP#24-32 - Bf 109G Oil Radiator
This set provides a direct replacement for the Hasegawa parts. It includes a separate positionable exit flap and actuator arm, plus alternative radiator faces. The parts can be fitted without modification under the Hasegawa nose and give an immediately different appearance, being deeper and more rounded.

Price: EP#24-32 10.00

EP#25-32 - Bf 109G supercharger intake
This is a deceptively simple part; in fact this is the only one of the sets here which will require careful surgery to the Hasegawa kit before it can be fitted. The resin intake is reshaped and comes complete with its flared mounting-plate (eliminating Hasegawa's glued joint). Added to that, EagleParts have included a corrected lip and weld-seams, plus mounting scews for a tropical dust-filter.

Price: EP#25-32 8.00

Each of these EagleParts' sets is impressively researched and produced to the highest standards. Bf 109 fans will readily appreciate the quite noticeable improvements they offer over the basic kit parts. Highly recommended.

Full details of these and the many other EagleParts - including superbly detailed 1/32 scale cockpits for the Bf109 and Fw 190 can be found on the Eagle Editions website.

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Eagle Editions Ltd.
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(406) 363-5415

Thank you to Eagle Editions for kindly supplying the review samples.
Hasegawa have pretty much cornered the market when it comes to kits of the Bf 109F,G and K - both in 1/48 and 1/32 scale. As excellent as their kits are, inevitably there are a number of areas ripe for improvement and Eagle Editions have released a series of resin correction sets in both scales.
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 09, 2005

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