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Book Review
P-51 Mustangs
P-51/F-6 Mustangs with the USAAF European Theatre of Operations
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]

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The P51 has to be one of the best fighter aircraft of World War Two and even saw service during the Korean War, all this despite the fact that jets were now in the skies. The P-51 can still be seen regularly today as there are a large number still flying and are a popular choice when it comes to propeller driven race planes. This book looking at the P-51/F-6 Mustangs with the USAAF European Theatre of Operations is a Kagero title and is written by Tomasz Szlagor.


This book from Kagero is a duel language offering in English and Polish, English on the left and polish on the right. The book is a paper backed offering with a card cover. This title can be thought of as a book of three parts. The book starts with the text section and which has a good selection of photographs interspersed with the text, this adds some nice treats for the eyes while reading. The text provides a quick insight into the fighter units based in England to begin with, and then provides information on specific units as they handed in the P47 fighters for the Mustang. The text is well written and easy to read.

The photographs in this title from Kagero, are as you would expect mostly in black & white, but towards the end of the book there are a number of very good quality colour photographs. The images are of a good quality and in the case of the colour photographs; they are a very good quality, having strong colour and good definition for the period. The captions that accompany each photograph do a good job of providing the needed information on what you are looking at.

This publication from Kagero finishes with 12 side on colour prints of a mix of Mustang types. These may help you decide on which aircraft you wish to depict, if looking at them from a modellers perspective. While on the subject of modellers, Kagero have provided a mask set with this title covering wing and side fuselage roundels. I believe this masks are 1/32nd scale.


If you are interested in a specific aircraft type during a specific combat zone during World War 2, and you are looking at it from a reference viewpoint then this is a title that should more than meet your expectations. The period photographs are of a good size and will allow you to pick out details on specific aircraft. If you are looking for a book that goes into the minutia of the campaign then this is not the title for you.
Highs: The book is well written and nicely captioned. the photographs are also of good quality.
Lows: I would have liked to see more drawn aircraft at the end of the book from a modellers view point.
Verdict: If the P51 is an aircraft that you have interest in, then this title is worth looking into.
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  Mfg. ID: ISBN : 9788364596681
  Suggested Retail: 14.99
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 03, 2016
  NATIONALITY: United States

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