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First Look Review
MAN TGX XXL low boy semitruck
MAN TGX XXL low boy semitrailer with accessories 'Kübler'
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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RailRoad Modeling

MAN TGX XXL low boy semitrailer with accessories "Kübler" from Herpa is a new big heavy duty semitruck with load. It is in the common scale of HO-1/87. The model is item 305693 in the Herpa catalogue. It is heralded by Herpa;
    New type! This new model of the forwarder Kübler is released with a new load, a tank and the corresponding form-fit support. It is connected to the chassis and secures the load on the Goldhofer center lines.

Currently Herpa lists 343 MAN models and 119 TGX XXL types, 473 models in their Shipping Company range, and 104 of the Heavy Duty range.

The MAN TGX XXL is a heavy duty tractor equipped for long distance driving.
    When the new MAN TGX Euro 6 was premiered worldwide at the IAA in Hannover, it was also a very special moment in the small Central Franconian village of Dietenhofen. Because parallel with the “big truck”, its respective “little brother” was produced there in the 1/87 scale based on the original plans and in cooperation with the designers and developers of MAN and – of course - in utmost secrecy.

Rolled out to the public at the 2007 European Transport Road Show the MAN TGX is the flagship of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Trucknology® Generation series. Declared the most powerful truck in Europe, the TGX is designed to carry the heaviest loads over the most challenging terrain for long distances.

MAN TGX series is a family of rigid and articulated trucks. The vehicles were powered by 4, 6 or 8-cylinder MAN engines of the D20 or D26 series generating from 264 KW (360 HP) up to 500 kW (680 HP), connected to an advanced MAN transmission. MAN’s 680 HP (500 KW) 8-cylinder common-rail V8 was claimed to be the most powerful in Europe. It complied with Euro 5 SCR exhaust technology standards. A MAN ZF AS-Tronic “Tipmatic” transmission transmits the power to the drivetrain. Driver reports compare the acceleration as similar to some sports cars, even under load!

MAN constructs the frame in a ladder design supported by 4X2, 6X4 and 8X4 axle configurations.
    Maximum loading capacity, engine power and off-road capability. The MAN TGX provides exactly the right drive concept for heavy-duty transport. Whether it's configured as a 4x4 HydroDrive or a 6x4 / 8x4 version – you can always rely on this power pack. With engine outputs of up to 471 kW (640 HP*), the TGX provides an unsurpassed output with the best possible consumption values. This heavy-duty truck, designed for a maximum total weight of 41 tons, has the highest loading capacity. Thanks to the wide range of superstructure options, however, the MAN TGX is also the most efficient large-scale alternative for use on the building site.

    Even on rough terrain, the TGX series knows how to impress. When the road comes to an end, the MAN HydroDrive® selectable hydrostatic front-axle drive or the double rear-axle drive provides very good traction.

Transmission is the MAN TipMatic® with ZF Intarder.‡

Euro6 criteria killed the big engine in favor of 6-cylinder models.

For driver comfort MAN offers the option of the XLX or XXL cab. The XXL cab is designed for long haul with high-class standards.

Want to know more about the MAN TGX XLX? I include a link to a MAN website which you can see at Click here for additional images for this review, below.

Goldhofer AG of Memmingen, Germany, builds a wide range of transportation trailers and vehicles, for handling payloads of 25 to 10,000 tons.
    Goldhofer's modular heavy-duty vehicles are predestined for use in flexible and economical transport applications. The advantage of modular heavy-duty vehicles:
      * Swing axles with hydraulic axle compensation system (level adjustment)
      * Hydro-mechanic all-wheel mechanical controlled steering in 2-circuit design
      * Box-shaped centre frames with extremely high flexural strength
      * Optimised bolt lashing coupling for easy coupling of the chassis modules
      * Combination options in longitudinal and lateral directions
      * Versatile expansion options by means of additional equipment
      * Suitable for commercially available heavy haulers

    Ball bearing race ring design modules
    Heavy-duty modular vehicles in ball bearing race ring design are especially designed for heavy-duty loads in off-road applications. The robust design and high bending moment ensures safety and availability even in extremely rugged terrain.

This 3-axle modular trailer system is a twin-tired heavy-duty modular design primarily for off-road areas. Hydraulics under the gooseneck allow the drop deck to lower to the ground.

the model
Herpa securely packs this almost fully assembled model set in a form-fitted tray. The tray is held inside a red Herpa carton with a cellophane display window, and opens via tabs at each end. The tray has slots for optional parts, and slots your fingers to easily remove the tray from the box. This arraignment is surprisingly durable — past shipping boxes have occasionally been partially crushed in transit, and although some model boxes were mashed, the models were not damaged. Nicely done, Herpa!

Molding and assembly is mainly high quality. I found minor flaws, de-spruing burrs. The sharply molded exterior features fine recessed lines for doors and hoods, panels and the grille. Door handles are flush and are the tabs that hold the cab interior in the cab shell.

Two sprues of optional mirror parts are included, plus two mounting frames.

The Goldhofer trailer is a 3-unit configuration.

For the load, Herpa includes a heavy resin casting of a tank.

Herpa packs a lot of detail into these three models.

MAN TGX XXL rigid tractor
This Herpa model is of the TGX with the big V8 engine. The cab is set upon a highly detailed four-axle chassis. The windshield and windows are free of distortion and you can see the nice interior. It is worth popping the cab off to see, but I did not. Under the cab is a basic engine. The cab tilts forward.

The chassis is very detailed with the frame, battery box, fuel tanks, transmission, drive shaft, differential, axles, and suspension; topside is a fifth-wheel and the detailed cab. Like a brow atop the windshield is a sunscreen. On the top of the cab are two warning beacons. And on the front bumper is a heavy-duty hitch.

Behind the cab is a stack of apparatus that includes a diesel tank, hydraulic reservoir, tank for the trailer hydraulics, and cooling system for the torque converter and the engine.

The front and second axles can be made steerable with a Herpa steering kit. Each of the 12 wheels has rubber tires and plastic hubcaps. They display good detail.

The windshield and windows are free of distortion. You can see the nice interior. Inside of the cab is detail almost worth popping the cab off for, with bucket seats, the steering wheel, console, stick shift, and dashboard detailing. The cab tilts forward to expose a detailed engine.

Individual clear lenses simulate the headlights and tinted clear lenses detail the signals, tail lights and beacons. The windshield wipers are part of the separate black chrome combing around the windshield.

Four mirrors can be attached to the cab, a pair of side view mirrors, and two mirrors to reveal the blind areas in front of, and to the right side of, the cab. These are delicate parts on their own sprue. The plastic is slightly flexible. Carefully cut those from the parts tree or you can remove the mounting pegs; carefully fit them into the specific pre-drilled holes and slots. The mirror that extends to the front of the truck is not obvious how to mount it. Perhaps Herpa should provide some mounting instruction in the box or on-line?

Goldhofer trailer
This heavy duty centipede is a modular, multifunctional heavy-duty trailer unit which consists of four sections, including three wheel units with a total of 9 dual paired axles holding 72 wheels! The sections are held together with metal pins. It also has non-functioning hydraulic tubes to lower the gooseneck. Above it is bed for tools, supplies and for this model, a counterweight against the heavy tank.

The excellent clear lenses used for lights on the tractor are not used for the brake lights on the trailer - they are painted on.

This is a solid casting. It features good surface detail. Two bracket frames are included to hold the tank on the trailer. However, the tank appears that the master was made of plastic sheet and that some seams were not completely welded together, leaving gaps (and an excess glue drip). And those gaps and drip were reproduced in resin.

Still, from the "3-foot rule", the tank looks good and makes an interesting load for the excellent MAN tractor and Goldhofer trailer models.

Painting and Lettering
Herpa's finishing of these models is excellent. It is difficult to tell which parts are painted and which are molded in color.

Printing is exceptional. Kübler Spedition and Kübler contact information is printed crisply and legible. The MAN and V8 emblems are coated with chrome.

The finish of the set is very impressive.

Herpa's MAN TGX XXL low boy semitrailer with accessories "Kübler" is an impressive model that can dominate a diorama scene or one's display shelf. The model features excellent detail, both cosmetic and functional, i.e., the articulated trailer wheelsets and the gooseneck. The finish is also exceptional.

Aspects that I think detract from the model are the brake lights on the trailer are painted on, and the tank has some gaps along panel seams.

That aside, this is another model that Herpa and modelers can be proud of. It will be a dominating presence on a diorama, model railroad layout, or display shelf. Recommended.

Please remember to tell Herpa and retailers that you saw this model here - on RailRoad Modeling.

†. Herpa.

‡. MAN Group. MAN TGX 18.480 4x2 BLS. [http://iaa2012.mantruckandbus.com/en/truck-en/man-tgx-18-480-4x2-bls.] 2012.

†‡. MAN. MAN TGX – the large-scale solution for heavy-duty transport. [http://www.truck.man.eu/de/en/building-site-and-heavy-duty/tgx/overview/Overview.html]. 2016.

* Goldhofer AG. Type THP. [Web.] n.d.

Click here for additional images for this review.

Highs: the model Herpa securely packs this almost fully assembled model set in a form-fitted tray. The tray is held inside a red Herpa carton with a cellophane display window, and opens via tabs at each end. The tray has slots for optional parts, and slots your
Lows: Brake lights on the trailer are painted on. The tank has some gaps along panel seams.
Verdict: This is another model that Herpa and modelers can be proud of. It will be a dominating presence on a diorama, model railroad layout, or display shelf.
  Scale: 1:87
  Mfg. ID: 305693
  Suggested Retail: €59.50, $67.00
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 21, 2016

Our Thanks to Herpa!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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