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First Look Review
HO scale
Audi Q5
Audi Q5, Mythosblack Perleffect
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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RailRoad Modeling

Dealer Lot
Audi Q5, Mythosblack Perleffect from Herpa, item 038621 is a new 1/87 model of this model of Audi SUVs. It is one of 155 model Audis and 14 Q5 models.Herpa tells us;
    New type! The model of the new Audi Q5 was also finished in time with the presentation of the original. Audi also adapted this one to the current Audi design.

Let us "kick the tires".

Showroom Floor
Audi Q5, Mythosblack Perleffect is secure in Herpa's proven packaging of a form-fitted cradle, snugly held inside a flexible clear plastic end-opening carton, decorated with their red label.

This model is completely assembled. Herpa's assembly is high quality, as is their molding. Parts are crisp and smooth. There is no flash, mold seams, sink marks nor ejector marks. Recessed lines represent the doors, hood and rear door. Door handles are raised. The model rides upon composite plastic-rubber tires. Otherwise the model is plastic. It features an interior, clearly visible thorough clear, distortion-free windows.

Herpa snaps their models together so a modeler who would like to put people into it need only gently pop the body off, insert the figures, and then reset the body.

"Kicking the Tires"
Herpa puts a great deal of detail in their tiny models. The tires have fine tread groove detail around the shoulders, although it appears that Herpa ceased molding it onto the tread. The tires set around finely detailed rims. They appear to be painted in chrome.

The model chassis a basic suggestion, made with a low relief undercarriage.

The car body is a one-piece part. Herpa represents the headlamps and brake lights with clear and tinted transparent lenses. A sharply molded grille fronts the car. Fine chrome paint lines simulate chrome trim. Windshield wipers are molded into the combing below the windshield. Side mirrors are factory applied. Exhaust ports peek out from under the rear bumper.

Inside the passenger compartment is a nicely molded and detailed interior. It features bucket seats, a console, dash and instrument panel. Herpa mounted a separate steering wheel. Herpa also went one above by mounting a hanging rear view mirror! Again, all is visible through the crystal-clear window plastic.

This little Audi sports detail above its scale.

Herpa does a great job of painting their little models. Painted Mythosschwarz Perleffekt / Mythosblack perleffect, their paint is opaque but does not obscure detail. The interior is molded in color.

Fine silver paint shows the chrome strips around the grille and roof luggage racks. The Audi emblems are chromed, front and rear. An incredibly small yet crisp and legible "Q5" is also printed on the rear. Herpa does not use decals.

The pearlescent effect is subtle and yet adds much to the vehicle when the light hits it. This is a pretty vehicle.

Drive Away
This diminutive Audi Q5 is a beautiful model. Herpa's molding and assembly is first-rate, as is their paint. It features fine detail inside and out, including authentic transparent lenses for the headlights and brake lights. My only minor gripe is that there is no tread groove detail.

Contemporary model railroaders, auto collectors and HO-1/87 diorama makers should be very happy with this tiny Audi Q5. Recommended.

Please remember to tell vendors and retailers that you saw this model here - on RailRoad Modeling.
Highs: Sharp clean molding and assembly and exceptional painting. This little Audi sports detail above its scale, such as a rear view mirror and an interior.
Lows: No tread groove detail.
Verdict: Contemporary model railroaders, auto collectors and HO-1/87 diorama makers should be very happy with this tiny Audi Q5.
  Scale: HO Scale
  Mfg. ID: 038621
  Suggested Retail: $16, 14,95
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 29, 2017

Our Thanks to Herpa!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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Great looking replica Fred. The packaging looks excellent, particularly relevant if you use the postal service to acquire this release. tim
MAR 30, 2017 - 04:46 PM

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