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In-Box Review
Dragon Forge Figure Bases
Dragon Forge
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by: George Redell [ GEORGE4 ]

Dragon Forge is an Ohio based company specializing in resin gaming figure bases. These bases can be used for any board game figures. They come in different shapes and sizes ranging from as small as 25mm up to 160mm. The shapes are round, square, and oval. There are over 24 different themes to choose from and then multiple different styles of that theme. Jeff Wilhelm is the creator, sculptor, mold maker and castor. Each order is cast by hand to order, taking about 14 -21 business days to arrive.

I ordered 4 different base styles and sizes along with a couple resin Greek Columns for a project I was working on. The bases arrived in about 18 business days, each theme was shipped in a plastic bag and bagged separately. When I opened the package I was really surprised at the fine detail on all the bases. There is very little clean-up required at all. All the pieces were cast in a light grey resin with no signs of any mold release. The details on the bases were very crisp. I particularly like the skulls and bones on the bases. Not all the bases in the sets are the same, there are little differences in each base, but each go with that theme. I received the following sets:

25mm Desert RBDW-001 (1 inch diameter)
40mm- NECROSE RBNEC-N40A (1 inch diameter)
60mm- NECROSE RBNEC-N60A (2 inch diameter)
60mm- Desert RBDW-0043 (2 inch diameter)
Greek Columns

The Greek Columns contained 5 parts per column, each numbered to help with assembly. The top piece of the column will require some sanding and assembly might be a little tricky to get all the pieces lined up. Once completed the column will look very nice.

These are nicely detailed bases. Perfect for anyone into gaming. I am using these bases on a couple different gaming projects. The larger bases could be used for a diorama if you wanted. The average price per set is around $10 larger 60mm bases are $5 per base.
Highs: Great crisp detail. Lots of styles to choose from.
Lows: None
Verdict: Very nice figure bases that can be used for multiple purposes.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Suggested Retail: $10
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 23, 2017
  NATIONALITY: United States

About George Redell (George4)

I modeled a lot when I was young and have gotten back into the hobby about 5 years ago. I like doing all types of kits, for me its about enjoying the subject. This is a great hobby please encourage our younger generation to get involved.

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