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In-Box Review
Ops-Core Helmet
Ops-Core FAST Ballistic Maritime Helmet w/GPNVG-18
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by: Pete Becerra [ EPI ]

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From the web pages of OPS-CORE: “With its revolutionary ergonomic shell geometry, FAST is our most advanced line of helmets, providing the highest level of ballistic protection at the lightest weight. Designed for combat operations, these shells provide different ballistic protection levels and cuts to suit the range of mission and communication needs.”

THE HELMET: FAST MT (Formally FAST Maritime)
“Super High Cut, ballistic shell made of a hybrid composite of carbon, unidirectional polyethylene and woven aramid. Hybrid composite material yields a shell weight reduction of 42% when compared to the traditional US Army ACH shell, and further reduction of 20% when compared to the FAST XP High Cut Helmet. Ear cut geometry is 16mm higher than the FAST XP High Cut shell shape, allowing for clearance of larger headset style communications devices. Dedicated Side Armor and Mandible components are specifically matched with the higher ear cut geometry.”

THE NIGHT VISION GOGGLES: Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (GPNVG)(GPNVG-18)
“The GPNVG is a helmet-mounted night vision device with a wide 97-degree horizontal field-of-view that allows for observation and/or target identification in low-light conditions and is ruggedized for ground applications. Individual monocular can be detached from the system and powered with included power adapter to provide a low- profile handheld night vision monocular.”

The goggles in the kit seem to match those manufactured by L3 INSIGHT TECHNOLOGY.

The Kit

There are enough parts to make 6 complete helmets with NVG (night vision goggles.) The goggles can be left off to have a plain Ops-Core helmet. There is a total of 25 parts in the kit and are cast in gray resin. The resin is soft enough too cut, yet not to brittle to brake easily. The pour blocks are attached to obscure locations and connection points to the part are thin enough, when cut, little cleanup is needed for the most part. The pour block for the helmet itself might prove to be difficult to remove by modelers with no experience with resin kits. Over all, the parts are casted very cleanly with no flash at all. Detail is well defined, as what is expected for 3D castings.

As I said, the helmet pour block might prove difficult to remove by inexperienced modelers. For the most part the block is connected around the back rim of the helmet, but it also goes inside the helmet itself. It’s the little resin that goes inside the helmet that would probably be difficult to clean up completely, especially if you want it to sit it on a head.

Speaking of heads, the helmets had no problem sitting on top of Live Resin heads as you can see from the pictures. I even added Live Resin Peltor Tactical headsets. I tried to see what they looked like on the Master Box, LTD. Modern US figures, but the helmets where to big. Either way, the helmets would still look good just sitting in a Special Ops Hummer or on the side skirts of the new Kitty Hawk Little Bird. Echelon Decals flags would also look good on the sides of the helmet. A little piece of thin lead wire could be used for the cable that connects the battery box in the rear of the helmet to the goggles themselves.


Another great little kit from a company that takes pride in their products. These helmets can be used as is or to add that last little detail to your modern US vehicle, 1/35th scale Special Operators aircraft or diorama.
Highs: Helmets fit Live Resin heads with comm's headsets.
Lows: Helmets are to big for Master Box, Ltd. Modern US figures. Part of pour block goes inside of helmet which might prove difficult to remove by beginners.
Verdict: Very nice, crisp detail. Resin is easy to work with even though part of the pour block goes inside of the helmet. Highly recommended to add that little detail that is missing.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF3D013
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 10, 2018
  NATIONALITY: United States

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About Pete Becerra (Epi)

I am 48 years of age. I have been modeling since I was around 8 years old. As you can see from my signature, I am retired from the US Army and Texas Army National Guard. I served 6 years in active duty from 1989 to 1995 and in 1998 I joined the Texas Army National Guard and been serving up unt...

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Hi Pete, superb looking helmet you got. I'm new to all this and have some questions. You said that the helmets were too big for master box heads, is it that much bigger that it makes the model look bad or is it just a little too big and still looks fine. This leads to my second question. From your experience, are accessories like these (Helmets, NVGs, heads, weapons, say from live resin and legends) generally designed to be compatible/ a perfect fit with plastic model kits- i.e., master box, dragon, tamiya, trumpeter etc. Most plastic model kits' helmets and weapons are rather lackluster in my opinion and I wanted to replace them with these resin accessories, so i just wanted to know more before buying. Thanks in advance.
MAY 05, 2018 - 12:03 PM
Kevin, The helmets on the Master Box figures where to big that it made them look bad. This is Legends first attempt at helmets but as far as Live Resin helmets, they did fit the Master Box kit heads.
MAY 06, 2018 - 02:07 AM
Hey Pete, sorry for the late reply. Thank you though for the insight. I really appreciate it.
MAY 15, 2018 - 07:05 PM

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