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Finnish Soldier 35104
Waffen SS Finnish Soldier
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]

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Corsar Rex is a company that has been releasing resin and white metal figures since 2009 in three main scales of 1/16th, 1/35th and 1/48th. A look at their website will quickly reveal that 1/35th scale resin figures usually covering the period of World War 2 from all combatants are their stock in trade. The latest offerings are listed as Finnish soldiers of the Waffen SS in 1/35th scale.


Starting this review with a close look at the quality of the resin casting results in a positive opinion in my case. casting has been managed with three connection points in the case of this offering; all of these casting plugs have been removed prior to packaging of the body leaving very limited clean up required on the main portion of the figure. The helmet has a tab at the rear that will need carful removal to avoid damaging the rim of the helmet. The arms have a single pin casting plug that will be easily tackled on the left and careful work on the right.

The figure is provided in a sitting position; this is shown on the box top as sitting on a log around a fire, the figure will in my opinion look very much at home on the back of an armoured vehicle or even on a bench of a half track. The left arm has a casting pin at the left shoulder and a very nicely shaped locater for getting the arm in the position intended by Corsar Rex; the left hand is holding a mess tin. The right arm has a casting pin at the elbow and so will require more work by the modeller; again there is a very good locater that enables a perfect fit; the right had is holding a spoon.

The figures head has a step at the rear that has enabled the company to provide a good forehead and hair while ensuring a good and positive location for the helmet. The jacket has very nice detail present as regards pockets and collar. I am also a fan of the undercut detail on the hem of the jacket that gives the figure a very natural look. The trousers are quite baggy and so look a lot like the camouflage trousers seen worn by many units, but initially by SS units. The boot detail is fair and looks to be correctly portrayed.

Looking at the hands reveals good quality with acceptable finger definition. The only thing I question here is the angle of the spoon that looks a little odd to my eye. The head of the figure looks to have had material wrapped around the head from the top under the helmet and under the chin; a common occurrence during cold weather. The mouth, eyes and nose are well moulded , but look a tad vague as regards expression I am sorry to say. I would have liked a weapon to be provided other than the luger holstered on the rear of this offering. A very nice touch here is the gloves tucked into the left pocket.


Removal and clean up of the parts is a breeze with the exception of the helmet; I have four figures and I damaged 50% of the helmets while removing the tab present. I found the best approach was to use a good set of sharp snips, but even that way I damaged one of the helmets. You can clearly see the damage that occurred in this example due to the finesse of the helmet lip. I would suggest to Corsar Rex that they change the connection point or include a spare in the product. The assembly is so easy due to the very positive joints and locators with the result that no filler is required. Other than the helmet which could be blamed on me I was very impressed with this offering from Corsar Rex.


I will say that I like this figure offering as it presents the modeller with options as regards display. I would have liked to see the figure supplied with a weapon other that the holstered luger at the figures rear. My biggest issue is that I cannot see anything that specifically identifies this as a Finnish SS soldier; don't get me wrong this is a beautiful figure that could also find its way on to a vehicle rather than sat around a fire, perhaps sit him on the back of a KV-1 tank in Finnish service and colours.
Highs: The provision of a seated figure eating is a great offering and as it could be used as a tank rider figure makes it an even more popular offering in my opinion.
Lows: The lack of a weapon which is possibly the item that could help identify the figure as Finnish. Where are my Russian weapons sets? The helmet is easy to damage.
Verdict: The duality of display options make this a figure with mass appeal; and while described as Finnish it could just as easily be German or any of the SS units made up of foreign nationals in a cold setting.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: CR-35104
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 16, 2018

Our Thanks to Corsar Rex!
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