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In-Box Review
Messerschmitt Bf 109G Detail Sets

by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

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Bf 109 G5-G6 Cockpit Detail Set
Item #TD 48491- RRP - $9.98 ($8.96 direct from Squadron)

The set consists of just 10 parts cast in True Details' familiar cream resin. The detail throughout is superb and the casting is flawless on the review sample. The parts break down as follows:

Seat / Floor
2 x Sidewalls
Instrument panel - complete with optional bomb-fusing panel
Breech cover
Control column
Rudder pedals

The Seat / Floor obviously forms the basis of the "tub". Bf 109Gs didn't have a "seat" as such, just a seat-pan on the floor, with the pilot sitting against the rear bulkhead". True Details' part has the seat-pan moulded integrally, complete with an excellent harness. The sidewalls feature some really nice detail, with pipes and cabling, plus the throttle quadrant etc. very well depicted.

The instrument panel matches my references for the 'G-6 pretty well. The instruments feature detail within the bezels, which maybe a little over-ambitious, but careful painting and a drop of gloss varnish should give quite an effective look. The other items in the set comprise the cannon-breach cover, control column (complete with wiring), rudder pedals and, finally, a much better-detailed Revi gunsight than that supplied in the Hasegawa kit. Perhaps strangely, in view of the superior quality of the resin parts, the original plastic trim wheels are used to complete the cockpit.

The set includes a neatly drawn set of step-by-step instructions along with a full-colour painting guide, which includes references for RLM paints and their FS equivalents.

The parts are all direct replacements for the Hasegawa originals, so this set should be simplicity itself to fit and will make a dramatic improvement over the stock items.

Bf 109G-6 thru G-10 Wheel Set
Item #TD 48004 - RRP - $2.48 ($1.96 direct from Squadron).

This is a nice pair of wheels with "weighted" tyres. They are the "mid-period wheels" and show good hub detail and tread patterns. Once again, the casting is spot-on in the review sample and they could hardly be simpler to prepare and use.

These are ideal "no fuss" sets to improve Hasegawa's Bf 109G-6. They are sensibly priced and beautifully produced - you can't really ask for much more. I have a couple of Bf109G builds on the go and will certainly be incorporating these sets. Recommended.

Thank you to MMD-Squadron for kindly supplying the review samples.
Hasegawa's 1/48 scale Bf109G series has proved immensely popular over the years. True, the kits have a few faults, but they certainly provide a fine basis for great finished models.True Details provide some simple, but excellently detailed set to add extra detail.
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  Scale: 1:48
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 26, 2006

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