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In-Box Review
X-Wing Fighter

by: Sabot [ SABOT ]

A first look at the Incom T-65 X-Wing fighter shows a kit that consists of 8 sprue: six of them molded in light gray styrene with two of them duplicated (wings, engine & landing gear sprue); one clear sprue; and a black sprue with only two polycaps. The display base is molded using two different sprue. One interesting feature is removable landing gear tubs. This allows the kit to be displayed with landing gear up or down at any time.

The S-foils (wings) are moveable and can be assembled, painted and detailed prior to attaching to the fuselage. The kit includes two pilot figures, one is seated and the other is Luke Skywalker standing in a relased pose with his helmet under his arm. There are two astromech droid heads, an R2-D2 head and R5-D4 (conical) head. There is only one droid body, so whichever droid head you use on the fighter, you can use the other on the body. The kit includes a boarding ladder for the fighter. There are two canopies giving the builder an open or closed option. The cockpit instrument panels are decals as are the canopy framing. Markings are provided for Red 5 (Luke's fighter) and Red 3. The markings are pre-weathered. With a little cutting of the red lines, you could make any of Red Squadron's numbered craft. There are even decals for the figures' helmets.

This kit is highly recommended for any modeler used to Braille scale, especially if you built any one of the MPC/AMT/Ertl versions. There is no comparison in quality. This kit is superior in every way to the old MPC kit. I ordered mine from Hobby Link Japan (www.hlj.com) and it took 20 days to arrive to Boston, extremely fast for halfway around the world. The price will vary based on the exchange rate, but mine cost about $44 total, $18 per fighter and $8 for shipping. It is recommended to get two since the shipping will be about the same and folks are selling them for $40 on eBay and stateside companies are selling them for $30 s/h each.

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Many sci-fi modelers started the hobby by building the old Star Trek kits by AMT and various television related sci-fi kits by Aurora.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: SW01
  Suggested Retail: $40
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 02, 2002

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