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In-Box Review
FLASHBACK Miles Magister

by: Anthony Franzmann [ PENPEN ]

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The Miles Magister used to be a training aircraft for british forces shorthy before and during WWII.It's a light monoplane, built of wood. The two open cockpits are placed in tandem : one behind the other.


The kit consists of : - 36 injected plastic parts - 2 injected clear plastic parts - a PE sheet of approximately 25 parts - a clear film for the instruments - a decal filmThe plastic parts are very clean, with very little flash.


Building the Kit
You have the oportunity to build a very detailed cockpit here.The base is here in plastic. You also have the possibility to add many PE parts, to detail the sides and the seats.For the instrument panel, you have 2 choices : engraved plastic, or PE plus film. I went for the second option, because I love the result of the film.The fit of the kit is rather good, but you need to be carefull as there are no placing pins.You will have to glue the wings on a flat surface. But thanks to the engraved line and the good fit, it is very easy !A very nice touch is that the rudder and the elevators are separate. This means that you can place them in a more "dynamic" position.The only thing I felt needed ameliorating was the exhaust : I just drilled it.The instructions are very clear and really help you out during the build.


colors and Markings
In the box, you have the choice among three planes : - RAF 1940, yellow belly and sides, RAF green and earth on top - RAF 1941, yellow belly, RAF green and earth on top and sides - Egyptian AF 1939, aluminium cowling and yellow everywhere elseI've seen the third possibility on RAF pre-war trainers in pictures, so it shouldn't be too difficult to do.


This is one of the models I've enjoyed most !It needs a bit more work than a Tamiya offering, but not too much. We are very far from the typical "short run" technology ! I was told that like GAVIA, FLASHBACK is an Eduard product, and it's very easy to believe : the PE is from Eduard, and the plastic looks the same.If you like the RAF and want to build something different that looks good, you should go for it without hesitating !

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: KLH8924
  Suggested Retail: Approx $25
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 28, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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