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In-Box Review
Academy Panzer IV Ausf.H

by: Çağın Başaran [ CAANBASH ]

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"With armor" it says, but without painting instructions for the novice, who is without the chance to communicate with other modellers.


Heart Breaking...
The kit is well packed, with beautiful photographs of a finished model, but what is it?

The novice can NOT know how he can paint the model which he paid a lot! For me and for most of you, it is no problem not to have a painting instruction, but think about the father who bought this kit as a present for his son.

How will the son paint his first model? Instructions say: "Refer to box top for additional decal and painting information." Yes you are right, no info on the box... Just a group of photos showing a perfectly painted and detailed model, with details you can NOT find in the box!!!

What the image shows is NOT in the box, but a simpler one!!!

It has broken my heart just as I opened the box!


Poor molding...
The molding is poor, pieces having lots of excess plastic on all parts.

Moreover, the detail of the surfaces and the tank commander makes one think that this is a toy (well, may be that is right, because there is a place for housing two batteries in the hull:-) )

The commander sort of wears a "stretch" uniform... May be he is a gay!

The MG is another disaster without even simple details, like the tracks and the spare tracks!


The metal cables are the best pieces in this model, of which there are 3 in the kit. Who cares! I will not even use them!


No motivation...
I have lost all my motivation to build this kit and place it in my new diorama.

I will try my best to fit it in, but it seems like it will become somewhat like scratchbuilding.


Go for another brand
In the end I can say that, if you want a toy, this is a perfect kit for you, but if you are a serious modeller, just go and find another brand. Of course I gave the rating for the modeller :-)

The price difference between this one and other brands is only about 4 USD, so do not waste your money on this one.

It barely passes the class with 5 overall rating out of 10.

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 1327
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 18, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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