Book Review
Star Trek: Starfleet Survival Guide

by: Jim Lewis [ GUNTRUCK ]

David Mack's presentation is entertaining through it's quirky, matter-of-fact style. It reads like "oh yeah, that happened to me yesterday..." when you peruse through the sections of the book. The small handbook-sized reference has 177 pages with some black and white illustrations. It's formatted in a "computeresque" style - like a supplement to the Basic Survival Guide. When I purchased it, I read an excerpt or two, put the book down - but found myself picking it back up again a few minutes later to read something else. This happened three times before I decided to finally pay for it. It is so unusual - it hooks you.

On the Plus side - if you ever needed to know how to sterilize food and water with a phaser, avoid mind control by Elasian women (is that really a bad thing?), or how to realize you're caught in & how to escape from a temporal casuality loop (useful for participants in the Philadelphia Experiment I think) - this booklet is for you! There are many interesting situations listed in this reference to keep your imagination swimming for some time.

On the Minus Side - not enough illustrations or graphics. However, it does come off like a dry Survival Guide - so mission accomplished. If there were a Starfleet Basic Survival Guide to accompany it (could be I just haven't seen it) - then some of these minuses might go away. There really isn't a downside to adding this booklet to your Starfleet Library. If you regularly attend Star Trek Conventions - this might be a required item to pack into your Starfleet Duffle Bag.

Entertaining and thought-provoking. Books and booklets should cause the reader to think while reading through the text presented inside. This one does. It is worthwhile to add to your reference collection. The casual fan would enjoy it because it gives a little more background to some of the more astonishing feats accomplished in Star Trek lore - like how Scotty survived the destruction of the S.S. Jenolan in the ship's transporter memory pattern buffer. Players of Star Trek RPG's would get a kick out of this booklet for adventures with their player characters.
Just what the Star Trek Fan never knew they needed - a supplement to their Basic Survival Guide.
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 24, 2003

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