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First Look Review
Hamburg D181
Hamburg D181, Type 101, 1965

by: Mark R. Smith [ GUNNY ]

Originally published on:
Model Shipwrights


introducing. . .

New resin ship manufacturer, Admiralty Model Works have entered the market with two new resin ship kit offerings, and has given us the opportunity for a "first look" deeper into the first of these two kits, "Hamburg, D181. Type 101, 1965". This is part one, of a two part series of "First look" views of their premier editions.

Admiralty Model Works is a new Company which specializes in producing top quality custom models and prototypes of all subjects, and includes a range of resin cast model ship kits in 1/700 scale.

From traditional methods to AutoCAD, 3D and Rapid Prototyping, they do it all. From wood, metal, resins or any other material, no project is too small, no matter what it may be.

Although Admiralty Model Works was established only in May 2007, Pavel Vacata, owner/operator, is skilled and well seasoned in the art of model-making and casting. His experience was built over 15 years, with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and a Master Jeweller's Certificate from Europe. Skilled in the art of Jewellery Making, Architectural Models and Master Patterns his experience was gained and honed by working for only the best, including the top design studio in Pretoria, South Africa, where his jewelry pieces adorn the wives of Government Ministers and Ambassadors posted to South Africa.

Always interested in model making from childhood, Pavel was soon branching out to this exciting field. With a passion for creating unique pieces of art, he gained knowledge and experience by making models as a free lance agent. From small to large, sculptures and custom kit builds, there is very little that has not been done.

The company's first model kit's were launched on May 19th, 2007, the Federal German Navy's Hamburg, D 181, 1965 and the Schleswig Holstein, D 182, 1985. They have met with a very good response from the modelling community.

Their motto is: "Secundus ad nulum" - second to none

vessel history

"In the period 1960 to 1968, four Hamburg Class destroyers were designed and built at the Stülcken yard to the same level of technological development as that of the Cologne Class frigates. During the seventies, they were the largest units in the German Navy and at the same time the backbone of the naval forces in the North Sea. They too were intended primarily for convoy duties but, as far as their armament was concerned, were also equipped for anti-ship combat and coastal bombardment.

Due to the high speed they were required to achieve, these destroyers are fitted with a high pressure superheated steam propulsion unit. Two Wahodag geared steam turbines rated at 68000 shp provide a top speed of 34 knots and a range of 9600 km at 13 knots and 1475 km at 34 knots. She is manned by a crew of 268 including 19 officers. Armaments consist of four Aerospatiale MM 38 Exocet anti-ship missile launchers arranged in two twin settings; three DCN 100 mm/55 Mod 1954 dual- purpose guns; eight Breda 40 mm/70 in four twin mountings, anti-aircraft guns; four 533 mm single torpedo tubes; two Bofors 375 mm 4-barrelled trainable anti-ship mortars two depth charge projectors; and has the facility for laying mines.

The three units of the 'Hamburg' class were commissioned in 1964-65 carry a mixed anti-surface and anti submarine armament. As constructed they were little advanced from World War II ships, with four 100-mm guns, anti-submarine mortars and standard 533 mm torpedo tubes.

In 1975, large sections of the ships were modified to keep pace with ongoing technological development. The third 100 mm tower was replaced by two EXOCET missile launchers, Breda 40 mm guns instead of the old-style Bofors guns, and the anti-submarine torpedo tubes by later versions. The permanently installed torpedo tubes for targets at sea in the bow and transom were removed and the apertures welded over. The operations center was modernized, radar antenna and bridge replaced. Nevertheless, their anti-aircraft armament was weak by modern standards. The destroyers of the 'Hamburg' class are no longer in service. The destroyer Hessen was decommissioned early due to unacceptable costs of upkeep. The other three ships were replaced by Class F123 frigates from 1994 onwards.


Dimensions: length: 133.7 m (438 ft), beam: 13.4 m (44 ft)

Displacement: 3394 tonnes (3340 tons)

Speed: 34 knots

Armament: 4 Exocet SSMS, 3xl00 mm guns, 4 twin Breda 40 mm guns, 4x533 mm L70 tubes, 2 Bofors 375 mm A/S mortars and 2 depth charge projectors and depth charge rails

Aircraft: none

Crew: 268

the kit. . .

The kit itself comes packaged in a sturdy white cardboard box, with the company ID sticker on the top, and inside, packaged very securely in bubble wrap, are the package contents, seven separate bags of kit parts, the main hull casting, wrapped again in bubble wrap, and the kit's instructions.

The main hull assembly is well casted, quite detailed, with fine lines, and no apparent signs of air bubbles. Superstructure bulkhead detailing is very good, as well as all deck details, well sculpted, and quite accurate looking.

There are two casting lugs that hold most of the smaller deck fittings, including various small radars of the vessel, as well as twin search lights, two pairs of davits, with which you are instructed to hang the ships boats with thread or stretched sprue, bow mounted torpedo tubes, and stern mount torpedo tubes. Detail again is very good, with a minimal amount of flash to worry about.

The ships guns are super castings, with four separate mountings of the 4x100mm/55 mdl 1953 guns, barrels casted separately from the turret mountings, and the four 8x40mm Bofors L70 Mod. 58, with gun barrels cast with gun assembly. Care must be taken with these mountings, as they are quite delicate in detail, but surprisingly flexible, as well. The ships twin stacks are fine castings, well detailed, and very accurate. Overall resin structure ability is very good, I like the feel of this resin, dense, yet with a small amount of flex to it. Clean-up is very easy, and smooth out is a quick process.

The photo-etch fret included looks very good, with all of the major radar's, masts, and platforms included. Also, some very cool depth charge racks, complete with separate charges, are in the fretworks, along with twin anchors, and PE anchor chain. Etching detail is excellent, and overall accuracy looks top notch; gage weight varies in all PE manufacturers, and for reference, this fret is comparable to GMM's standard weight gage, using a digital caliper for comparison measurement.

The enclosed decal sheet looks very well made, with markings provided for four separate Hamburg Class destroyers, D181 through D184, along with each of the vessels accompanying crests. Coloring is very nice and true on the decals, and the overall decal quality looks to be quite good at this point.

The instruction sheets provided (5 separate sheets) are well drawn, with blow up style assembly schematics for all separate ship assemblies, including photo-etch parts. A short history is provided on the cover page, as well as vessel specifications for reference. The painting and marking guide sheet is very nice, with full color printing in some areas, as well as actual color paint chips provided, as well...a very nice addition and color reference point, I might add.

Overall, a fine kit rendition of the early Hamburg Class destroyer D181, Type 101, this ship will make an excellent addition to your next waterline build of the era, for sure!

Highs: Clean, clear sculpting, well casted, very clean, as well as accurate representation. Overall, a top notch kit rendition of the vessel!
Lows: None at this point!
Verdict: Definitely recommended from this modelers point of view, for quality, design, and an accurate product.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: Kit # 700/001
  Suggested Retail: $78.00 USD
  Related Link: Official Company Website
  PUBLISHED: Jun 25, 2007

Our Thanks to Admiralty Model Works!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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Gunny, Looks like a great kit. I wish the price would come down on the resin stuff but I geuss for the detail and the overall quality of the resin kit it seems to be a fair price. P.S. I also think these companies need to send me some kits so I can review them I know I'm begging but its fun
JUN 28, 2007 - 11:36 PM

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