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In-Box Review
British Bergans, Bedrolls, Helmets

by: James Porter [ PHANTOM_MAJOR ]

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The number six plays an important part here. In this small polythene bag you will find six Bergens, six Bedrolls and six helmets. The good thing about this accessories pack is that not every part is the same, the bergens or rucksacks as you might call them have been moulded with different features that way you donít get that tired repetitive look if you sit them all next to each other. The same goes for the helmets; some have goggles attached to the front of them, which makes an interesting diversion if you plan to have several helmets sitting near each other. The only items that look as if they could do with a little variety are the bedrolls but I guess you canít really make them all look different

These after market accessories have been carefully manufactured and have no errors in their casting that I can see, and very few air bubbles, those that are there can be filled in with putty or superglue and donít cause any problems. There are no broken sections and all the detailing is clear and precise, making this product a joy to paint. I had ordered these through the Accurate Armour website and they arrive very quickly and in good order, an excellent company that I will be using time and time again.

Proís & Conís
The good points are the clear and precise detail of these castings; very few people will be able to replicate such detail.

The down side is that this little package of after market accessories is rather expensive for what you get and could do with a few more items to add a little impact, perhaps a few respirators or anti-tank rounds would help.


Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: A023
  Suggested Retail: GBP 7.50
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 01, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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