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In-Box Review
BR Mogul 2-6-0
British Railways 4MT Class Mogul 76000 Steam Locomotive
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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RailRoad Modeling


Dapol's BR Mogul 2-6-0 steam locomotive kit is a survivor of a range of 34 railway rolling stock models produced under the brand name Rosebud Kitmaster from 1959-1962. Short-lived, but critically acclaimed, Rosebud Kitmaster kits of predominately British and European prototypes were, and still are, esteemed by countless model railroaders. This Kitmaster BR “Mogul” Class 76000 was, in its day, an outstanding model, as were all the Kitmasters.

locomotive history

British Railways was created after World War Two by the nationalization of England’s many war-weary railroads. BR’s 4MT Class (‘4'=power rating, ‘MT’ = mixed traffic, e.g., passenger and freight use), numbered in the 76XXX series, was one of three classes of “Mogul” (the common name of the 2-6-0 wheel configuration) steam locomotives of the several BR Standard Classes designed to replace those diverse engines. These were to power British trains until the national program of electrifying the system was completed. The careers of these fine locomotives were short, the last British mainline steam being retired in 1968, replaced by electric and diesel-electric power. Beginning in 1951, BR built their steam locomotives to its own standard designs. Significantly incorporating London, Midland and Scottish Railway design practice, BR also incorporated ideas and modifications from the other English rail companies and from America. Characteristic features were taper boilers, high running plates, two cylinders and streamlined cabs. One hundred fifteen 4MT Moguls were built from 1952-57. A 76000's vital statistics are:

Wheel Arrangement 2-6-0 (Whyte notation) or UIC classification of 1C
Gauge 4 ft 8½ in
Driver size 5' 3"
Locomotive weight 101 tons 5 cwt
Boiler pressure 225 psi
Cylinder size 17½" x 26"
Tractive effort 24,170 lb

These excellent locomotives were deployed on all regions except the Western Region.

the model

Packaged in a plastic bag enclosed with a header card, you will find eighty-nine firm gray styrene pieces, an instruction sheet, and a decal sheet. Dapol's BR Mogul is an impressive railroad engine model. It can be incorporated into one's model railroad (electric powering kits can be found), a diorama or built as a stand-alone piece. The size, detail and shape of the model is highly regarded.

The BR2A tender was the sought-after standard until a new 4MT model was released by an electric train company in the 1980s.

Molding quality of the thick parts is crisp. The little flash is along the injectors, easily removed. Exterior details, such as grab and step railings along the boiler and tank, and appliance piping, are molded on. This is not appreciated but it is common even on today’s new host of high priced modern model locomotives! Disappointingly, the lining patterns (decorative pin striping accents) are molded on in the fashion of so many older kits. Disappointingly, the few visible ejector marks and sink holes are on prominent parts–the driving wheels; fortunately these can be easily filled or hidden once the unit is assembled.

Aside from the well detailed boiler backhead, no details grace the visible interior of the cab. No crew members are provided.

The drivers and mainrods are designed to partially work. The valve gear can probably be made to if you either sacrifice accuracy, or engage in serious reworking.


England's railways sported a host of alluring liveries though 4MT Class 76000 locomotives were given plain British Railways black with minimal lining (striping) adornment.

The decal selection offers three choices and are sharp. The carrier film is thick and has yellowed in the 10 years I have had this kit, unlike the decals for my Dapol 9F “Evening Star” (also reviewed on this site.)

Scale Considerations

As was (and still is to an extent) the fashion of the day, the scale is labeled HO ( 1/87, 3.5 millimeters to the foot ) & OO ( 1/76, 4 millimeters to the foot ). While slightly smaller than 1/72, these kits can be mixed with that scale.


For a model four decades old (catalog release date summer, 1961), this kit holds up well. The hand railings and piping will take an effort to remove if you choose to. Some mold marks will need to be removed. Still, this kit can build into a good-looking model with great display potential, with or without the molded detail.

rosebud kitmaster

Rosebud Kitmaster was the brand name of a range of plastic assembly kits manufactured in the UK by Rosebud Dolls Ltd. Introduced from May 1959, the range rapidly expanded to include 34 models of railway locomotives and coaches in OO, HO and TT scales. The assets of Rosebud Kitmaster were sold to Airfix Products Ltd. in 1962. Nine locomotives were later reissued under the Airfix brand. In the early 1980s Airfix sold off its model railroad line to Dapol Ltd., a Welsh model railway manufacturer. The company is named after the couple who founded it, DAvid and POLly. They now specialize in N scale, ready-to-run, models of British prototypes. The models are world class, made in the UK and give the Chinese a good run on both price and quality. In 2004 Dapol were awarded the 'UK Small Business of the Year' award, and in 2007 were awarded the Model Rail (magazine) 'N-gauge Manufacturer of the Year' award. As well as developing their own range of N gauge and 00 gauge models, the company produced products using the molds and designs from Airfix and others.

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Highs: Affordable well detailed model of an English steam locomotive. Easily mixed with ubiquitous 1/72 subjects.
Lows: Molded-on detail, lack of cab detail, injector and molding marks. Thick decal film.
Verdict: For a model four decades old, this kit holds up well. The hand railings and piping will take an effort to remove if you choose, but this kit can build into a good looking model with great display potential.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: OO Gauge
  Mfg. ID: C59
  Suggested Retail: £8.30
  Related Link: Dapol Mogul
  PUBLISHED: Oct 30, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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  • BR 2-6-0 Mogul
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It looks like a nice kit for that old. and a good price. I do wish some new ones would be made that are affordable I would love to build a range of them especially ones that worked the mountains around here. My Grandfathers brother was an engineer and killed on ute pass in the Earlie part of the 1900's. Oh well someday i guess Later, Kelly
OCT 30, 2008 - 09:43 AM
I have the Airfix version of this kit. Strangely enough, Dapol uses the same basic signs/ layout as Airfix did in their instructions. Big drawback of the Airfix version is that it was delivered in black plastic.
OCT 31, 2008 - 07:45 AM
This model is an oldie but goodie!
DEC 08, 2014 - 06:45 AM

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  • BR "Mogul" Class 76000
    BR "Mogul" Class 76000
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  • Drivers and fittings
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  • Loco Frame and fittings
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  • Mogul_3
  • Fuel Tender
  • Boiler & cab