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In-Box Review
2 doors ASK and AIRCO
In-box review of 2 Doors ASK and Airco
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by: Seb Viale [ SEB43 ]

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Pro Art Model is Belgian after Market Company dedicated to modern armor. They have produced quite a few kits for the HEMTT and more recently have been releasing some quite impressive modern communications equipment kits. This set contains two different items: ASK doors (Armor Survivability Kit) and an AIRCO ( Air Conditioning) unit that can be assembled in one of four mounting configurations.
The set comes in the traditional blue small box made of stiff paper. The box features a photo of the finished model. Inside the box, there is one plastic bag containing all of the kit contents. The bag contains all of the resin parts (30 in total), and one PE fret and the black and white instruction on A4 sheet.
The resin parts are cast in Pro Art's typical light cream with some noticeable air bubbles around the windows of the doors and on the up armored parts. The larger parts like the roof do not show any air bubbles and the details are crisp. The resin parts do not need extra work to remove the casting blocks.
the airco
This part of the kit comprises the external AC unit with two fans and an inside unit to mount on the rear wall of the Humvee. This kit can be use to build one of 4 different systems from the basic one to three different versions with different mountings.The kit has excellent details on the fan. A resin stamp is provided to easily bend the fan accurately. The PE parts are really small and no extra parts are provided by Pro Art, so be careful during the build.
The details of the PE details are incredible and the build is very easy.
the ASK
The resin parts, as mentioned earlier, have air bubbles around the windows. They are completed in only 3 steps, but the windows and the details of the inside doors need to be scratch built. In my opinion the small resins parts used to represent the door hinges would be better done in PE, they are too fragile and it can be tricky to remove from the casting plugs.

I would like to thank Dirk VanGeel from Pro Art Models for sending me the review sample.

Really nice little update for all humvees fans and can be also used on other vehicles, highly recommended and not difficult to build.
Highs: Nice small little kit that can used to dress up your humvee, the AIRCO can be used on a different vehicles if desired. No need to be a resin expert so beginners can use this kit.
Lows: Be careful with the small doors hinges in resin and the small PE parts as you don't have extras.
Verdict: Highly recommended. Easy to use and build.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: PAU 35029
  Suggested Retail: 20 Euros
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 08, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United States

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