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First Look Review
Jasta 40 Under Degelow
First Look at Pheon Model's latest WWI decals
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by: James Fahey [ JAMO_KIWI ]

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Jasta 40 was not one of the German Luftstreitkräfte’s elite units but the unit markings are very striking and make an excellent choice for Pheon Model's latest release. These decals come hard on the heels of Peter Kilduff's latest book titled “Black Fokker Leader. Carl Degelow – the First World War’s Last Airfighter Knight”. Previously unpublished photos from this book have enabled Pheon to produce the most accurate and complete reference yet for this unit.

Carl Degelow was the last German pilot to be awarded the Pour le Mérite (Blue Max), two days before the Armistice ended hostilities. He is credited with 30 victories. Pheon have released these decals in both 1:48 and 1:72 scales. Once the Wingnut kits are released (and the decal options known) the decals will be redesigned for production in 1:32 scale according to Pheon. Prices reflect low production runs: 48005 is £17.45 and 72004 is £15.70. The decals are available direct from

Pheon by email: [email protected]

The sheet contains individual markings for two Pfalz DIIIa, ten Fokker DVII (Albatros and OAW variants) and one Albatros DVa. There are crosses for four DVII, one Pfalz and the single Albatros on the 1:48 sheet and seven Fokker DVII, two Pfalz and one Albatros respectively on the 1:72 sheet. Having so many crosses extends the utility of the set considerably. The iron crosses on the Pfalz aeroplanes were overpainted when the later bar crosses were introduced and Pheon have catered for this by providing white iron cross decals to be overpainted in the colour of the modellers choice (the exact colours not being known). Most of the individual white emblems are duplicated on the sheet. Pheon have provided additional markings because, although they are very happy with Fantasy Printshop's colour density, white decals over a black background is the ultimate test of decal opacity. As the white emblems are the central theme of the set they have done the right thing by the modeller so that if there are any concerns, a second marking can be applied over the first (after it has dried of course). Degelow's leaping stag is provided in both white and silver grey, as the colour of the stag on his Fokker DVII may have been in white as opposed to silver as on the Pfalz DIIIa. As with all previous Pheon decals the aircraft profiles are very nicely done, full colour on four A4 glossy cards plus a frameable 1:32 side view, chosen randomly.I highly recommend this set - when you see it you'll want to build a Jasta 40 lineup! Thanks to Pheon Models for the review samples.
Highs: Jasta 40 markings are very striking with white emblems (mostly) over black and white fuselages. Hertel's winged dagger is just gorgeous!
Lows: Not inexpensive, but the cost is offset by the large number of crosses in the set which make most of the individual markings buildable (thereby reducing the unit cost).
Verdict: A complete package comprising top quality decals, meticulous research, comprehensive notes and attractive colour profiles. Overall great value for money.
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  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 004 & 005 in 1:72 & 1:48
  Suggested Retail: £17.45
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 26, 2009

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You know Stephen , now I'm going to have to get more D.VII's and Pfalz's , which is always a good thing
OCT 28, 2009 - 12:23 PM

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