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In-Box Review
Heinkel He 119V-5
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by: tripping the rift [ THEGIRL ]

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I picked this kit up in the summer time, one of those subjects that stands out and it's on floats!

In all honesty guys, I know nothing about this aircraft so this will be a in box review. The kit comes in a solid white box with the profile on the lid. Inside you will find a large sheet with individual pockets for the fuselage halves, main wings and floats, two smaller bags containing the smaller items, a bag of white metal parts and two sets of vacuformed canopies. Finally, there an Instructions sheet and markings for one aircraft. Contents:

32 x resin parts
6 x clear vac parts
2 x white metal
1 x marking option

The detail is fine and the parts free from air bubbles, making clean up easier on the parts. There is a little flash on some of the parts, but nothing a blade or sanding stick can't fix. Two tabs do need care when removing them off the aft parts of the fuselage. Too much sanding will leave gaps and more clean up in the end. So, work slow and test fit lots. One will have to check refs on the cockpit colours, as none are included in the kit .

The cockpit in my opinion could have been done better in terms of the detail; it is fair, but nothing that really stands out. The instrument panel does have raised surface for the dials and the back does have the housings for them. Seats could really benefit with some PE items to dress them up more. Detailers can really added to this area, because with all that glazing up front it'll be clearly visible. No interior detail is provided aft of the cockpit, but with the windows being small it would be hard to see it anyway.

When fixing the wings to the fuselage I suggest adding large brass pins and reinforcing the inside of the fuselage, because the wings are very thick and heavy. It is also suggested to add pins to the white metal struts. No locating holes are on the floats, so check refs for proper the locations before drilling. Other struts are finished in resin. You can pin these as well, or replace them with brass Contrail rod which would be a better option.

Boarding ladders are over-scale and not very strong in resin. New ones made from a finer rod will do, or you may have some etched items in the spare box. The prop and spinner are moulded as one item and it is a beauty. Again, a pin will have to be added for mounting.

Overall assembly is straightforward, nothing really complicated other then cutting out the vacuformed parts. Surface detail has fine panel lines and a wash will highlight them. There is no rivet detail on the surfaces, but one could add them around access panels and engine panels to give it that little something extra .

Planet Models produce some neat subjects which will be a great addition to anyone's collection.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AEROSCALE.
Verdict: Planet Models' He 119V-5 is well produced resin kit of a highly unusual subject. Recommended for experienced modellers.
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: 218
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 11, 2009

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