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First Look Review
Kriegsmarine Germany Navy Set2
Lifecolor Camouflage Set CS09 Kriegsmarine, Germany NavySet 2, U-Bootwaffe
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by: SimonHeathwood [ REDDUSTER ]

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Model Shipwrights

UA 607 Schiffsbodenfarbe III grau DMK 23. (Anti fouling lower hull).
UA 608 Schlickgrau. 58 (Conning tower and upper hull).
UA 609 Blaugrau 58-1 (Conning tower and upper hull).
UA 610 Dunkelgrau 52 (Conning tower and upper hull).
UA 611 Dunkelgrau 53 (camouflage patterns).
UA612 Teerfirnis TF99 (Faded Black wood preservative for wooden deck).

Covers main U-Boat camouflage colors, I especially like the inclusion of the Anti fouling gray and the faded tf99, both shades I found difficult to get quite right.

Each set comes in a colorful top opening cardboard box containing six 22ml opaque plastic pots of acrylic paint. The box tops have a photograph of an appropriate vessel or model and color chips of the six paints included. The back of the box also has color chips with a brief description of the usage of the color, and instructions for using the paint with an airbrush, (I found that helpful as I am just getting back into airbrushing and a few hints never go amiss). Also tips for using brush painting.

The Test…

To test the paints (and please excuse the splattering on the test piece that is my lack of skill and no reflection on the paint) I sprayed directly on to an unprimed piece of plastic card. The instructions recommend mixing to the consistency of milk either with lifec olor acrylic thinners or water. I tried both and found both worked well, although the paint seemed to dry a little quicker when thinned with the thinner. The paint adhered to the card well and dried quickly, building up a decent depth of color in a couple of mist coats and one wet coat. The colors on the test piece are UA 618 from the Regia Marina set, UA 610 from the Kriegsmarine Set 2, and UA606 from the Kriegsmarine set 1.

The airbrush clean up between color was simplicity, as recommended I used Lifecolor Airbrush cleaner, and ran clean water, followed by cleaner, followed by clean water through the airbrush, and went from light to dark to red with no contamination.

I also did a small patch with a brush, the paint covers well, and a couple of slightly thinned coats gave a good even depth of color leaving nothing in the way of brush marks.

These sets at around £15.95 represent good value for money, the colors are a good match with the color profiles of Kriegsmarine vessels in various publications I have, and as I have described above they are user friendly both for airbrush and brush painting.
Highs: Well chosen colours, ease of use / cleanup for both Brush & Airbrush
Lows: None
Verdict: Well balanced set for U-boat builders
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  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: CS12
  Suggested Retail: £15.95
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 31, 2011

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