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Scania Semitrailer & Turbine
Scania R TL Low Boy Semitrailer with Turbine Housing
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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RailRoad Modeling

Collection: CARS&TRUCKS
Euro Series
Wind power
Heavy duty


Green technology and modern heavy-duty semi-trucks can go hand in hand. A new addition to their ever growing line of modern vehicles, Herpa demonstrates this set of a brawny Scania R TL SZ, Goldhofer Tieflader (Lowloader), and wind turbine generator. This is one of 469 model Scania vehicles offered by Herpa at the time of this review. Check back as Herpa says that more releases of this heavy load series, with all other components as well as an accessories set with motor and lighting, will follow.

Scania R-series

Semi-trucks dominate everything on the highway and they really make an impression when they are heavy duty types. Into this class Scania introduced their R TL SZ. Scania AB of Södertälje, Sweden produces a range of large trucks. Scania advertises, with a wealth of choices and an array of modular configurations, the possibilities are endless. Scania R-series sets a new standard in long-haulage truck design and technology'. [1]

The R-series range of trucks was chosen as the International Truck of the Year 2010. The trucks are powered by V8 or inline engines. They can be built with a variety of cab, engine, transmission, chassis, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-axle configurations.

P. Adams Transport

Belgian forwarding company P. Adams consists of 3 transportation companies as well as a construction company. They transport construction equipment from small 15 ton excavators on semi-lowloaders to large machines on drop decks or crawler decks suited for load way above 100 tons. [2]

Goldhofer Trailer

Goldhofer AG of Memmingen, Germany, builds a wide range of transportation trailers and vehicles, for handling payloads of 25 to 10,000 tons. This is a modular, multifunctional heavy-duty trailer unit. This variant has three wheel units of 16 independent steerable twin-wheel bogies. Some Goldhofer versions can support a lowboy center deck that can host laterally expanding padded decks.

Scania R TL SZ

Your 2004 Scania R TL SZ P. Adams semitruck is mostly factory assembled; you must attach the optional mirrors to the cab, and the turbine payload to the trailer. It’s securely packed in a form-fitted tray. The tray is held inside a red Herpa carton with a plastic film window, and opens via tabs at each end. The tray has slots for optional parts, and slots your fingers to easily remove the tray from the box. The models are skillfully molded and assembled, mostly without blemishes or flaws. I say mostly because, under magnification, I have found burrs where the parts were separated from their sprues.

The tractor features the Scania Topline cab for long distance travel. Doors, hoods, and access panel lines are defined with recessed lines, as is the grille. The door handles are raised. The windows are surrounded by black chrome. The windshield is detailed with wipers.

Soft tires mounted on detailed hubs support the model.

The Goldhofer modular trailer unit is a model unto itself. This configuration consists of eight assemblies combined with metal pins:
• Fifth-wheel mounting bridge with cargo bed
• Three pins
• Four-bogie carriage
• Two six-bogie carriages
• Rear screen

The trailer units can be separated by removing metal pins from couplers.

The bogie carriages can be modified to appear steerable; to do so you have the break or cut the bogies from the underframe and then reposition them. The bogies have lines to show where to separate them. This makes the suspension fragile.

Herpa includes an illustrated instruction sheet of a complete Goldhofer system, including the lowboy center deck version and an adapter.

Detail and Trim

The model features headlights, tail lights, and warning lights of appropriately colored clear lenses. Detail inside the passenger compartment includes a dashboard, steering wheel, gear shift, console and seats; this detail can be seen through the windows.

The tractor features separately applied side view mirrors.
An imposing chromed crash fence is mounted in front of the stylish Scania grille. This tractor cab is equipped with streamlined fairings on each side of the cab. Chromed driving light in a cluster top the brow of the cab. Windshield wipers detail the windshield. The cab tilts forward to expose a detailed Scania engine. All of this detail is mounted upon a detailed chassis. The suspension is detailed underneath, as is the drivetrain, battery boxes and cylinders. Mud guards, tread plates, and a fifth wheel detail the top. The wheels are molded of a soft plastic or rubber and feature remarkable tread detail. The first and second axle can be equipped to steer.

Detail under the Goldhofer trailer is basic. The wheels are joined with an axle that pass through the suspension. It features molded pistons. The tires have the same fine detail as those on the tractor.

Finally, the turbine housing is mounted via a cradle that fits into a hole under the unit; a second cradle secures the other end. It actually includes a steel rod and retainer, presumably to attach the body to the 110 cm/43.3 inch high tower.


The model is molded in color with painted trim. The blue and silver finish is smooth and shiny. No decals are used so the P. Adams emblem and truck names are printed on.

Off the Lot

This HO scale semitruck and wind generator load set is a dominating model of a modern heavy haul vehicle. It is certain to enhance any modern diorama or model railroad. Highly Recommended.

Please remember when contacting vendors and manufacturers, to tell them you saw this model here--on RailroadModeling.net!

[1] Scania Group
[2] P. Adams Group
Highs: Great finish and detail: cab interior, engine, wheel hub and tread, and underchassis. The modular trailer is configurable and the wheels can be posed to simulate steering.
Lows: Trailer suspension is frail. If your eyes are sharp enough you might find some burrs where the parts were detached from the sprue.
Verdict: Herpa has created another impressive model with great detail and modular configurations. The tractor, trailer, and wind generator housing makes this a dominating model.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:87
  Mfg. ID: 158077
  Suggested Retail: 49,50 €
  Related Link: Wind Power Series
  PUBLISHED: Apr 06, 2011

Our Thanks to Herpa!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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