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In-Box Review
Star Wars Battle Tank

by: Dennis Graham

Why would someone like myself who normally only builds Armor and Aircraft want to build a Star Wars kit? Well first I guess it was the fact that my wife and I bought one for her son, And it appeared to be a pretty simple model to do. I took a peak at it after her son opened it up. And too, I think that because sort of fits into both categories. (i.e a flying tank). So with all that I felt like it would be both something different and a fun build as well. Well upon opening my kit, and reviewing it, all of the parts appeared to be there. None or very little flash was visible. But the tree attaching points are large, And after removing parts from them, clean up is simple and easy. It only required a little bit of sanding.


Are blown up and easy to read with 5 steps I did not notice any mistakes or
errors in them While working the kit up.


Lower base area gave me a few problems with alignment. But worked out okay in the end. The upper half Fuselage which comes in two halves Left and right. Had problems with the Locator pins being too large for the attaching holes, So I cut mine off, Lightly sanding the effected area. And then lined the parts up carefully and glued them together using clamps to hold them together until dry
The turret went together pretty much the same way. I did some light sanding on
the rear turret area to remove the seam. The main gun as well as the secondary
weapons all fit into place nicely with no problems.

Upon completion of assembly which took roughly about 5 hours of steady work. I
put it aside for the day and then come back to it the next day to begin the
painting process. I decided that I wanted mine to look a little different than
the ones in the movie. And chose the following colors. Red-Brown, German RLM
Grauviolet, and Dark Green as the body colors. The base color is Red-Brown, 2nd
color G, Violet and the final color Dark Green. Highlighting the guns with Flat
Black. I wanted to drill some small holes in the end of each gun. But I have not
had much luck in that area. So I left them as they were. Anyway I used Mostly Acrylic Model Master paints Thee overall process with Basic painting. Making
changes to it and final touch ups Should have only taken about three or four
days . BUT work and personal matters pushed my completion time back to six days. So it took a little longer than I had planned or expected it to.


Final Thoughts
The Trade Federation Tank Kit was an over all easy model to both build and paint. I have seen at least one other review on this same kit at
an MSN site and the person reviewing it also gave this kit at least an overall 9
. Which is about what I think that it deserves. There were a few little problems that were cause for concern and if and when it is ever put out again. I think those items should be addressed. Such as their are no open hatches, And the
lower part of the model ( The Base Part) has to be carefully assembled and it is
recommended that the upper fuselage be glued to the upper part of the base
before attaching it to the lower half due to the way the attaching points of the
base is set up. Next; As a personal dislike I decided to leave out the round
support base. And weighed the lower base down so that it would sit up by itself.
The antennae points are a bit too small and had to be drilled out some in order
to make the Ant's fit properly. As I also had to drill out a few of the hand
hold positions for the same problem.

At any point this kit was FUN and other than the few minor problems that I
mentioned. I would recommend this kit for a fun build item as well as a
potential for added work up to make it a better than OOB kit. BUT I will leave
that sort of thing up to you guys that know how to do that sort of thing.

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Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
  PUBLISHED: Aug 13, 2002
  NATIONALITY: United States

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