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First Look Review
USN Catapults for Battleships
LionRoar Model Arts Co. USN Catapults for Battleships 1/700
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by: SimonHeathwood [ REDDUSTER ]

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Model Shipwrights

The Set…

Another new generic set from the well known manufacturer of high quality etch based in China, The set consists of a single sheet containing four catapults. The description is a slight misnomer as it consists of one turret top and one stern catapult that would suit The Pennsylvania / Arizona, and perhaps other modernised WW1 period US Battleships. The other two cats are described as “Fast Cruiser Catapults”, and would fit the pedestal mounted cats fitted to many of the USN’s inter war treaty cruisers.

That aside the quality of the etching is very good, the open latticework of the catapults is very finely done, and all of the folds are clearly defined, but would definitely benefit from the assistance of the folding tool of your choice. The Cruiser cats and the Battleship stern cat have a turntable base and mounting which I assume represents the training gear. The etching for this is quite small, and has two six sided boxes that have to be neatly folded for the catapult itself to sit between them. The cruiser catapults also have the extensive walkways associated with the pedestal mounted cats. The stern & cruiser cats also have some tiny triangular braces, which have to be folded, and will test the patience of the keenest etch fanatics. All the cats launch have cradles (although one is not shown on the instructions for the Battleship stern cat it is on the fret). Also included are details parts for SOC-3, Kingfisher and Seahawk aircraft, variously props, struts, float details and in the case of the former two canopy framing.

The Instructions do leave a little to be desired, the folding of the training gear is shown in detail, yet the most complicated assembly, the cruiser cats and their walkways are shown in one assembled drawing, which is not as clear as it could be.

Although the set does have shortcomings in the description and the instructions, the quality and breakdown of the etch, coupled with additional aircraft parts outweigh these issues. At around £6.oo this represents value for very good money.


As I have said above the set on its own represents value for money. Catapults in 1/700th are impossible to represent realistically in injection moulded plastic, and sets such are these are a real boon for those who wish to make a simple, economical and eye catching improvement to their models. My only real criticism is a lack of clarity in certain areas in the instructions. All said and done both set are highly recommended.

MSW Crewmemner Simon Heathwood passes along his feelings on LionRoar's USN Catapults for Battleships in 1/700 scale.
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  Scale: 1:700
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 01, 2011

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