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First Look Review
Porsche Cayman S - Red
HO Porsche Cayman S by Welley
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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RailRoad Modeling

Atlas HO Vehicles by Welly
Porsche Cayman S
Item no. 30 000 068

Atlas HO Vehicles by Welly
Model railroaders of present-day subjects can equip their layouts with some of today's trendy and flashier subjects, thanks to the teaming of Atlas and Welly. Atlas has released their second round of models by Welly and this Porsche is one of them.

The model is packed in a hard clear plastic case that not only protects the model, but serves as a display case, too. Around this case is a card sleeve.

The Cayman is assembled and ready to display or place on your layout. There is no flash or mold marks nor sink holes in the parts. The paint is smooth and glossy.

The molding quality is overall very good. However, perhaps as a limitation of die-casting, the panel lines and other such detail is not quite as sharp or crisp as is generally found with styrene. For instance, the recessed lines demarcating the doors and hood from the side panels seem a bit too broad, rounded, and shallow. The edges of the body where the windshields are seem too thick. The side view mirrors are lumpy.

Whether any of this will be noticeable viewed from modeling's three foot rule, I leave for you to decide after viewing the photographs. Me, I think the scale car looks good on the scale street.

Look inside the windows. Welly included an impressive interior -- seats, steering wheel, console, dash. However, it appears the plastic interior was not removed from its sprue with great care. You can see some rough parts hanging from the roof. I can not tell if it was meant to be the rear view mirror or visors, or just a roughly removed plastic part.

Wipers are molded into he black chrome around the windshield. The headlights are clear lenses -- very nice. However, the brake lights and other lights are painted on.

The tires have good detail.

The most impressive attributes are the Porsche shield on the sportscar's nose, and the Cayman scroll on the rear. These are reproduced with great finesse.

This model has a nice appearance and captures the Cayman's sleek shape well. The finish is glossy and smooth. Interior detail is good and I appreciate the clear lenses for headlights, and the detailed tires. Printing of the Porsche company logo and Cayman is impressive.

The rough plastic on the interior roof is a distraction, as are the soft panel lines, and soft exterior details such as the side mirrors.

All in all this Porsche can look good on a layout. With its low price it is in almost anyone's model budget. Recommend.

Welly Die Casting Factory
In 1979 Welly started making model vehicles. First the models were three inches long and approximately 1/60 scale. With their success the product line expanded to include, today, 1:18, 1:24, 1:32, 1:38, 1:43, 1:60 & 1:87 scales, including cars, trucks, bicycles, motorbikes and other kind of vehicles as well as play sets.*

Please remember to tell vendors and sellers that you saw this here -- on Railroad Modeling.

* Welly website

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Highs: Smooth finish and good interior detail, plus clear lenses for headlights, and detailed tires. Printing of the Porsche company logo and car name is impressive.
Lows: Rough plastic on the interior roof, soft panel lines, and soft exterior details.
Verdict: This Porsche can look good on a layout.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:87
  Mfg. ID: 30 000 068
  Suggested Retail: $5.95
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 11, 2011

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