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MAN TGX XLX with Teletrailer
MAN TGX XLX teletrailer semitrailer
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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RailRoad Modeling

MAN TGX XLX teletrailer semitrailer "Ewald Schneider / Power Tower II"
Item: 158794

Rolled out to the public at the 2007 European Transport Road Show the MAN TGX is the flagship of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Trucknology® Generation series. Declared the most powerful truck in Europe, the TGX V8 is designed to carry the heaviest loads over the most challenging terrain for long distances.

MAN TGX series is a family of rigid and articulated trucks. The vehicles are powered by 4 or 6-cylinder MAN engines of the D20 or D26 series generating from 264 KW (360 HP) up to 397 KW (540 HP), connected to an advanced MAN transmission. MAN constructs the frame in a ladder design supported by 4X2 and 6X4 axle configurations. Vehicle length is 10725 mm (35 ft.) with a GVM of 26,000 kg (57,320 lbs.).

MAN’s new 680 HP (500 KW) 8-cylinder common-rail V8 is claimed to be the most powerful in Europe. It complies with Euro 5 SCR exhaust technology standards. A MAN ZF AS-Tronic “Tipmatic” transmission transmits the power to the drivetrain. Driver reports compare the acceleration as similar to some sports cars, even under load!

For driver comfort MAN offers the option of the XLX or XXL cab. Full standing height, full comfort: the XLX cab is designed as a long-haul cab for vehicle fleets. It captivates with its excellent aerodynamics and a powerful, elegant optical appearance.

Attention was given to safety through better all-round vision and optimized outside mirrors. Perfect for long journeys: the MAN engineers have developed a newly modelled roof spoiler especially for the XLX cab: the opening for the sliding roof has been integrated into the spoiler so that fresh air can flow through the opened sliding roof without any detriment to the aerodynamics.

Chrome and high gloss... The powerful optical appearance of the dynamic exterior is impressive and identifies dozens of new features: from the aerodynamic A-pillar trims through new LED indicator lights or position lights right up to the sleek, black radiator grille finished in chrome and high-gloss.

© Nooteboom Trailers B.V.
”For the transport of long loads Nooteboom has an extensive programme of flatbed semi-trailers called Teletrailers®. These semi-trailers are equipped with an extendible load floor and hydraulically forced steering.

“With this unique Nooteboom steering system the extremely large steering angle ensures optimum maneuverability. Any self-supporting load, from steel and concrete structures to rotor blades, can be transported with the greatest efficiency and at the lowest possible transport costs.

The Nooteboom Teletrailer is available with 2 to 6 hydraulically steered axles. It has a GVW of 102 tonnes and a maximum technical load capacity of around 85 tonnes at 80 km/hr.” [2]

In the Box
This is a striking set made up of two individual models: the MAN TGX XLX tractor and the Nooteboom trailer. Herpa currently offers 52 MAN TGX XLX models and accessory sets. Thirty-two models of Nooteboom trailers are available.

They are fully assembled and packed in a light plastic form-fitted tray secured in a light cardboard box with a cellophane display window and opening ends. The TGX XLX and Nooteboom teletrailer are almost fully assembled, and packed in a light plastic form-fitted tray. Included are two packages with several sprues of optional unattached parts:

• Side view mirrors
• Stakes
• Warning flags

An instructional diagram would be helpful -- read on.

MAN TGX XLX Rigid Tractor 6x4. I cannot find any flaws in the molding nor assembly. The exterior features fine recessed lines for doors and hoods and panels. The chassis is very detailed with the frame, battery box, fuel tanks, transmission, drive shaft, differential, axles, and suspension; topside is a fifth-wheel and the detailed cab. The front axle can be made steerable with a Herpa steering kit. Each of the 10 wheels has rubber tires and plastic hubcaps. They display good detail.

The windshield and windows are free of distortion. You can see the nice interior. Inside of the cab is detail almost worth popping the cab off for, with bucket seats, the steering wheel, console, stick shift, and dashboard detailing. The cab tilts forward to expose a detailed engine.

Individual clear lenses simulate the headlights and tinted clear lenses detail the signals, tail lights and beacons. The windshield wipers are part of the separate black chrome combing around the windshield.

Four mirrors can be applied to the cab, a pair of side view mirrors, and two mirrors to reveal the blind areas in front of, and to the right side of, the cab. These are delicate parts on their own sprue. The plastic is slightly flexible. Carefully cut those from the parts tree or you can remove the mounting pegs; carefully fit them into the specific pre-made holes and slots. The mirror that extends to the front of the truck, it is not obvious how to mount it. Perhaps Herpa should provide some mounting instruction in the box or on-line?

Nooteboom Teletrailer This telescoping trailer unit is a model unto itself. Herpa engineered the rear carriage bogies to steer! The underside has a good deal of detail. However, I can’t make the landing gear extend like they do on other Herpa trailers. Disappointingly, all of the taillights and flashers are painted on. That's my only complaint. It does have a tinted clear flasher beacon, though.

The cargo deck is made to telescope between the rear platform and the front dolly. This deck is impressive with simulated wooden planking for the center portion. Anchor or wood grain detail is printed on the planks. Along the sides are slots for the mooring stakes.

Remember my comment about lack of an instruction sheet? Sixteen separate stakes and four separate warning flags snap into the trailer. Examining the carriage reveals several slots but it is not immediately obvious where two of the flags are mounted. However, there is a quartet of smaller flags already attached; they seem to be positioned for transport without load.

Livery and Markings
These models are painted in Ewald Schneider and Norteboom livery. While it is impressive in the box, upon magnification I was engrossed with the subtle markings and designs. Herpa really does an excellent job reproducing these markings. They do not use decals, all lettering is printed on. There is a great deal data on the models and it is all sharp and legible. Herpa chromed the MAN logos.

The trailer is also well detailed including the Nooteboom logo.

All the decorations are top notch.

This is a smart looking set of specialized heavy duty transport. It would be hard to miss this set on a layout or on display—especially with the trailer extended. Whether you consider the models as a set or as individual components, these models are impressive. Sharp molding, detailed parts, positionable features, incredible printing, all this creates an impressive set. My minor criticisms are the lack of tinted lenses for the trailer brake lights, and Herpa doesn't include directions for mounting the details parts. Regardless, this is a very imposing set. Modern HO modelers and collectors of modern heavy duty haulage should find this a desirable set. Heartily recommended.

Ewald Schneider Power Tower
The 66-meter tall Power Tower is the highest transportable free fall tower in the world and regal highlight of every funfair. MAN trucks carry the 180-ton colossus. [3]

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[1] MAN Truck & Bus. XLX Cab. http://www.mantruckandbus.com/en/Products_and_solutions/MAN_Lkw/productdetails/XLX_cab.jsp?openAsPopup=true. N.d.

[2] Nooteboom Trailers B.V. http://www.nooteboomgroup.com/nooteboom/en/our_products/trailer_programme/flatbed_extendible_semi-trailers/teletrailers. n.d.

[3] Master of free Fall. MAN SE. http://www.man.eu/MAN-XML-Content/Features/2011_10/7_Turm.html. 2011.
Highs: Sharp molding, detailed parts, positionable features, incredible printing.
Lows: No tinted lenses for the trailer brake lights, nor directions for mounting the details parts.
Verdict: This is a smart looking set of specialized heavy duty transport.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:87
  Mfg. ID: 158794
  Suggested Retail: 32.50 €
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 27, 2011

Our Thanks to Herpa!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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ADDENDUM: I added a video demonstration of the articulated bogies!
FEB 08, 2012 - 02:00 PM

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