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Book Review
AT-T Artillery Prime Mover

by: Chuck Bush [ CFBUSH2000 ]

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The AT-T Artillery Prime Mover is a cold war Soviet artillery tractor based on the T-54 tank chassis. Those of us growing up in the Ď50ís and Ď60ís saw it on TV towing artillery and missiles in the Russian May Day parades.

PanzerShop has released a full resin kit of this vehicle. The instructions consist of 4 photocopied sheets of poor black and white pictures of the model under construction with the parts identified by number. Further references are a must.

I could find very little on line. Then, while surfing ebay I found this book by Russian Motor Books.

The cover contains the only color in the book. The book is written in Russian with selected parts (about 30% ) translated to English. The book is made up of information from several original repair manuals, and covers only the cargo/troop/towage version of the vehicle. (I have seen pictures of a recovery version mounting a crane, but that is not covered.) There is a short section of development history to begin.

The meat of the book for modelers would be the drawings of the labeled drawings of the vehicle and itís major components (ie, chassis and body, Cab instrumentation, engine, fuel system, air system, transmission and winch). Again, about 30% of these are translated.

The rest of the book is made up of information tables (some translated) and text, along with a few black and white pictures. I believe the drawings in this book will be a major help in building the PanzerShop kit.

Russian Motor Books are carried by www.armybook.com and www.missionmodels.com amoung others.

Published by Russian Motor Books this is an excellent resource for building the PanzerShop AT-T kit.
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 14, 2005

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