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Book Review
US Tank Battles in North Africa and Italy 1943-45

by: Martin Noorloos [ MARTINNNN ]

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I bought this book because I wanted to learn more about the battles in North Africa, Sicily, Salerno and Italy.....did I after reading this book and viewing the pictures inside?. Read my review and find out!
The book's content

The book starts with 3 pages of information about the use of US tanks these campaigns. It tells you which tanks were used, and what category of troops they encountered. It's a little short, but I've learned new things from it.

Following this, you get to see a lot of pictures that show the US tanks in action. The pictures mainly show:
M4A1 shermans
M5 stuarts
Halftracks & light armored vehicles such as the M8 greyhound.
Next to these vehicles, there are also pictures that show M10 and M18 Tank Destroyers, M24 chaffee light tanks, Pzkfw IV and Pzkfw VI tanks, Pantherturms, Elephants, DUKW's, some interesting pictures of (captured) French tanks in German service like the S-35 and R-35 etc.
The colour plates, located in the middle of the book, show the following tanks:

Pzkfw IV
R-35 and S-35 tanks
M3 command tank
T2 recovery tank (based om M3 Lee)
M3 Lee
Semovente 90 da 53
Panther ausf. A

These colour plates give you an good idea of how these tanks were painted and camouflaged in these battle areas.


So, to get back on the question I asked myself at the begin of this review: did I learned from this book? Yes, I did! I think this is an interesting book that provides a lot of nice pictures that can give you great diorama ideas and nice tank reference.
Further Details

7051 - U.S. Tank Battles in North Africa and Italy 1943-45
by Steven J. Zaloga
ISBN 962-361-084-X
72 pages, 186 b/w photos, 16 color plates
is published by Concord Publications Company
In 1943, US troops landed in North Africa. Soon after that, they would fight their way through Sicily, Salerno, and finally Italy. This book offers you 72 pages of information, pictures and colour plates about vehicles used during these campaigns.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: 7051
  Suggested Retail: € 15 - 17
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 02, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

About Martin Noorloos (Martinnnn)

Hi all, Another scale modeller :) I focus on 1/35 and 1/16 (RC) military modelling. Martin

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