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In-Box Review
MAN TGS M Tandem Dump Truck
MAN TGS M Tandem Dump Truck with Trailer ''Max Bögl''
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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RailRoad Modeling

MAN TGS M 6X4 Tandem Dump Truck with Trailer Max Bögl
Item: 159807
Collection: CARS&TRUCKS
Brochure: Herpa Cars & Trucks 2012 / 05-06
Manufacturer: MAN
Type: TGS M
Series: Construction vehicles; Heavy duty

Herpa releases a new type, the new Meiller-based tandem dump truck on a MAN 6x4 chassis. The truck and trailer were designed as functional 3-way dump bed.

MAN TGS M 6X4 Tandem Dump Truck with Trailer
Herpa securely packs this almost fully assembled model set in a form-fitted tray. The tray is held inside a red Herpa carton with a cellophane display window, and opens via tabs at each end. The tray has slots for optional parts, and slots your fingers to easily remove the tray from the box. This arraignment is surprisingly durable — past shipping boxes have occasionally been partially crushed in transit, and although a model box was mashed, the model was not damaged. Very nice!

I found no flaws in the molding or assembly. The sharply molded exterior features fine recessed lines for doors and hoods, panels and the grille. Door handles are flush and are the tabs that hold the cab interior in the cab shell.

TGS M 6X4 Dump Truck. The cab and tipper superstructure set upon a highly detailed three-axle chassis. The windshield and windows are free of distortion and you can see the nice interior. It is worth popping the cab off to see. Soft tires mounted on detailed hubs support the model. The front wheels can be made to steer if you use Herpa’s steering set. Ten soft plastic or rubber tires have nice tread detail.

The business end is a 15,600 kg (17 ton) max. Meiller type D316 three-way tipper. Thanks to a clever hemispherical receptacle for an axle, not only can it be raised laterally, it can also be tilted longitudinally! The tailgate and sides open. Two hydraulic rams are provided: one for rear positioning, a shorter one for side dumping. While these telescopic hydraulic rams do not telescope, it is molded as a single extended part. One end can be attached to the cylinder and the other to the front of the tipper.

These features become evident, although it took a few minutes to figure out what was meant to move without breaking; I think Herpa should include an explanation diagram for the movable components.

Trailer. It has basic underframe detail. Operating features include the dump bed that raises and tilts just like the trucks, and extendable landing gear. The trailer also lacks brake lamp lenses.

Herpa has created a detailed model of the chassis: frame, gearbox, drive shaft with universals, fuel tanks, air tanks, axles, springs and suspension.

Individual clear lenses simulate the headlamps and signals. But the brake lamps are not even simulated with paint.

Inside of the cab is detail worth popping the cab off for: bucket seats, the steering wheel, console, stick shift, and dashboard detailing.

The windshield wipers are part of the combing around the windshield. In the front of the cab doors are slots to mount the optional side view mirrors and corner mirrors. Although the mirrors are delicate, it is a simple process.

On both vehicles Herpa engineered the soft plastic tires mounted on detailed rims. They display good tread detail.

Livery and Markings
Max Bögl livery is bright with subtle corporate logos. Herpa really does an excellent job reproducing these markings. They do not use decals, all lettering is printed on.

Herpa chromed the MAN grille emblem and a stripe along the top of the upper grille.

Off to the Site
Not just because of the bright yellow color is this a notable set. The connected tandem truck and trailer is almost foot long and with all of the interesting components and details, you wouldn't want to miss it. Sharp molding, detailed parts, lenses for most lamps, positionable features, excellent printing, all this creates an impressive set. My criticism is the lack of tinted lenses for the brake lamps, no reflective surfaces on the mirrors, the grilles are not molded open, and Herpa doesn't include directions for positioning the dump beds.
Regardless, this is a very impressive set.

Recommended for HO modelers of modern medium duty construction equipment.

MAN produces a wide assortment of utility vehicles of varying classes, from transporting heavy loads to short-haul and distribution transport. The MAN TGS series was introduced in 2007. They feature 2-, 3-, and 4-axle configurations under several chassis configurations: tractor, rigid, etc. These vehicles feature various drive formulas for 18-41 tons. TGS is designed to offer optimum traction for every soil condition. MAN advertises:

    Whether on the building site, on the road or on a slippery road surface. With the various drive formulas, for example all-wheel drive or MAN HydroDrive®, you can handle every requirement.†

The TGS also offers the choice of three cab designs: L, LX, and M cab. The M cab is the short “day job” type, which can be configured for a folding bunk.

This dump truck version is the TGS 6x4 Medium Duty Tipper. With the M cab, a MAN Medium Duty Tipper body length can vary from 5976mm (19.7-ft) to 8734 mm (27½ ft.), a 2490 mm (94 in.) width, and is 3191 mm (126 in.) high (without load), with a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of up to 26000 kg (28 tons). Powering the MAN Tipper is either MAN’s D2066 EGR 360PS (PS = Pferdestärke = horse strength ) (264 kW) or 400PS/294 kW, D20 6-Cylinder in-line, 10.5 litre (Euro 5) engine. Power is transmitted to the axles via a MAN ZF 16 speed Synchromesh Overdrive, or the MAN automatic 12-speed Tipmatic.‡

Meiller of Munich was founded in 1850; a family company, Meiller produces innovative tipper bodies and tipping trailers, the worldwide proven MEILLER hydraulic systems, and high-quality lift doors.

Max Bögl
Founded by Max Bögl in 1929, the Max Bögl Group, headquartered in Neumarkt, Germany, boasts a successful company history of more than 80 years. With annual sales of Euro 1.6 billion and about 6,000 qualified employees, Max Bögl ranks among the top 5 of the biggest German building companies.

Today, continued by the third generation, the Max Bögl Group is also Germany‘s biggest privately-owned construction company.**

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Sources and References

†© MAN Truck & Bus. TGS – the power pack for construction and heavy-duty work. http://www.mantruckandbus.co.uk/en/Trucks/TGS/TGS.jsp

‡ http://www.man-bodybuilder.co.uk/specs/pdf/tgs/TGS 6x4 Tipper.pdf.


⃰ MEILLER group. 2010. MEILLER Fahrzeug- und Maschinenfabrik-GmbH & Co KG. http://www.meiller.com/en/company.html.

** MAX BÖGL Group. Company Profile. http://www.max-boegl.de. n.d.

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Highs: Sharp modeling and good detail; individual clear lenses simulate the headlamps and signals; detailed cab interior and underchassis. Three-way articulating dump bed and opening gates.
Lows: The brake lamps are not even simulated with paint. No directions for positioning the dump beds.
Verdict: This connected tandem truck and trailer is almost foot long with interesting components and details.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:87
  Mfg. ID: 159807
  Suggested Retail: 24,50€
  Related Link: MAN TGS series
  PUBLISHED: Jul 13, 2012

Our Thanks to Herpa!
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