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In-Box Review
Focke-Wulf Fw 190A Accessories

by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

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The range of accessories
The current range of Eagle Parts for the Fw 190A includes:

EP# 45-32, 46-32 & 47-32 - replacement propeller sets, including spinners.
EP# 48-32 - corrected main wheels
EP# 49-32 - corrected gun cowl
EP# 50-32 - cowling ring conversion for BMW 801TU with 14-bladed fan
EP# 51-32 - complete replacement cockpit
EP# 52-32 - tail wheel
EP# 53-32 - corrected early-pattern main wheels

Set #47-32 - Price: $15
Eagle Editions produce several propeller sets to correct the kit parts and offer alternative options. This set features a corrected spinner and type 9-12176A broad wooden propeller blades.

The spinner is cast as one piece with just the smallest plinth to remove at the base. The distinctive blades are beautifully cast and require almost no clean up at all - once they are trimmed from their pedestals, there is simply a hint of a line from the mould halves to clean off. Having cast my own blades (and seen resin propellers from other manufacturers, for that matter) I have to say these are very impressive.

The last piece is a handy alignment jig to allow accurate centring of a hole for the prop-shaft, which should also help ensure all the blades are set to the correct pitch.

Set #52-32 - Price: $12
The Hasegawa kit features a rather plain tail wheel and leg moulded solid. Eagle Editions' version offers lots more detail and is appropriate for Fw 190As and early Ds. The 5 grey resin parts include an insert for the well interior, separate strut, drag link and yoke, plus a separate wheel with accurate hub detail and tyre tread.

Once again the parts are superbly cast, with minimal attachment points to clean up. The detail on the wheel completely surpasses the Hasegawa part and the yoke features delicate weld seams - plus, of course, it can be posed turned to one side as during ground handling. The set includes excellent 7-stage instructions with detailed notes backed up by photos of the assembly.

Set #53-32 - Price: $10
One of Hasegawa's cost-cutting measures was to include the main wheels from their Dora, which feature incorrect hubs for early Fw 190As and smooth treaded tyres. Eagle Editions have produced a pair of resin main wheels with correct hubs and treads suitable for the Fw 190 A-1 through A-6.

The casting is pin-sharp and the detail on the new hubs and tyres is quite superb. The wheels are supplied already removed from their casting blocks. so clean-up will be very quick. It should be noted that the tyres are cast "unweighted".

The detail and casting of these parts is among the highest quality I've seen. These are premium products, and I recommend them to modellers who wish to take Hasegawa's kits to new heights. As I stated at the beginning, Eagle Editions are new to me, but that is my loss - looking through their website reveals plenty of items that will be of great interest to Luftwaffe modellers.

Contact details
Eagle Editions Ltd.
P.O. Box 580
Hamilton MT
59840 USA

(406) 363-5415

Thank you to Eagle Editions for kindly supplying the review samples.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on ARMORAMA
Hasegawa's new- tooled 1/32 Fw 190As have a proved deservedly popular - but the kits are a little short of detail in some areas and, by using parts from their earlier Dora, Hasegawa have cut a few corners, leaving the kits open for improvement. Eagle Editions produce a range of resin parts to correct and enhance the kits, as well as offering new options. This is my first chance to see accessories from this manufacturer and, on the basis of these, I definitely look forward to future releases.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 25, 2005

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