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Book Review
He 219 Uhu, vol.I
Heinkel He 219 Uhu monograph 3D edition
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by: Mecenas [ MECENAS ]

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Book content is divided into few separate sections. First of these sections is the text.
  • Introduction
  • Design and development
  • Prototypes
  • First combat action and more testing
  • Serial production
  • Biography and endnotes
Text is followed by:
  • Scale plans and additional insert in A2 format with plans in bigger scales
  • 3D drawings and visualizations
  • Colour photographs
  • Colour profiles
First section takes about 35 pages and describes historical background of Uhu, first prototypes, development of different versions, serial production etc. It is also quite beany with the archive photographies of many construction details, wreckages and combat machines. Photos are mostly of very good quality and large size (especially those showing undercarriage and internal details).

What would the serious mononography mean without scale plans? Absolutely nothing of course. Kagero also knows that and provides 8 pages with drawings of 72 times scaled down few versions of He 219, including for example V9 prototype, A-0 (V19), A-2, A-7/R2 or A-5. We have also some sub-versions presenting different radar antennas and other additional equipement. Inside the book we can find only horizontal views of the planes, mostly profiles. Views from above and below the plane are printed on the insert in A2 format. On the same insert Kagero provides also 1:48 scale drawings of an A-2/R1 machine but only one drawing from each view can be found.

After scale plans we are going to the 3D drawings – this is another section of our book. This section focuses only at the cockpit and its furniture. Of course we have general views from different angles and sides but these pictures are followed by lot of close-up of particular levers, cranks, gauges, pipes, cables and connectors. On the page 58 I have found wrong description of the main instrument panel – it is described as “older type” while it clearly shows “later type” and looks identical as on the lower picture of “later type”. Difference between these two types of instrument panel are clearly shown on the previous page so you do not loose anything. 3D drawings presents also details of rudder pedals, control stick and pilots and navigators seats on the catapult frame.

Another good reference for scale modellers surely are colour photographies of the fuselage and engines of original plane which are preserved in the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (USA). In total we get 81 photos of different size, from about 1/8 of page to the whole page. As this is a museum exhibit photos mostly shows exterior detail and whose interior details which are seen from outside. An interesting feature of some pictures is very nicely preserved piece of original plane's camouflage.

Last section of the Uhu monography are colour profiles of seven planes. One of them is shown from all four sides, revealing all painting and camouflage details. Two profiles are printed on the back cover page.
As usual Kagero did quite good job. Most of the modellers will find this book useful when building their scale replicas. I think that even 1:32 scales will be satisfied as this publication shows a lot of plane interior, presenting usually hidden technical equipment, its attachment points or colours, which are many times omitted in other monographs but are so important for us. Historians may be disappointed as the first section provides solid, but primary, bases of He 219 history. If you are interested mostly in this aspect of aviation you may need some more detailed source. Otherwise, especially if you build scale models, you will find this book to be an useful reference.

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Highs: Great photographies – archive and present, great attention to details on 3D drawings, presents a lot of usually hidden equipment – especially of cockpit and undercarriage.
Lows: Historical background.
Verdict: Very useful for scale modellers.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: ISBN: 978-83-62878-41-3
  Suggested Retail: 19EUR, 25USD, 15GBP
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 14, 2013

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