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Book Review
Militar Fahrzeug 1-2014
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]

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As most of you are aware by now I believe every quarter Tankograd Publishing release a magazine covering a broad spectrum of subjects. This magazine unlike most of the Tankograd Publishing offerings is printed in German only. In this review I will take a look at the magazine published for the first quarter of 2014.


This magazine is one of Tankograd Publishing latest offerings and other than being printed in German only it follows the same layout style as the rest of the offerings from this company. The magazine is A4 in size and is supplied with a gloss finish card cover and has 56 pages inside which are printed on good quality glossy paper. The layout of the contents is as follows;
  • Waffensysteme der Bundeswehr - Rückverlegung GECON-ISAF
  • US Army - “Hausbesuch” mit Panzer
  • Museen-Events-Sammlerszene - Holzminden 2013
  • Fahrzeug-Historie Wehrmacht - Kreuzer Panzerkampfwagen Mk IV - 744 (e)
  • British Armed Forces - TAC-T Feuerwehrrarität
  • Waffensysteme der Bundeswehr - NATO-Ziege Ford G 398 SAM - Teil 2
  • Leoparden im Einsatz - Open-Air Panzerwerkstatt
  • Fahrzeugtechnik International - Holländisch-Australischer Bushmaster
  • Fahrzeugmarkierungen Bundeswehr - MINI-Markings
  • Manöver - Gute alte Zeit - PzBtl 354 auf REFORGER 1971
  • Fahrzeug-Historie Wehrmacht – Velocar

I am sure many of you are thinking ‘Why would I be interested in a magazine printed only in German?” Well the simplistic answer to that is because if there is one thing that Tankograd Publishing does exceptionally well it is the pictures they provide. This magazine just like the other titles they release is richly filled with high quality images all the way through. There is a mix of colour and black and white but that is not a surprise when you look at the time period and for that matter the nations covered in the magazine. The time period covered is from World War Two to the current day and covers vehicles from German, American, British, and Dutch service.

There are a few articles that I found of particular interest which I will outline;
The first features an American M60A3 that During the Reforger exercise of 1982 found itself parked nose first in a house. A series of 8 pictures provide enough detail for what I believe will make quite an eye catching diorama. The detail provided in this series of covers all of the major angles on the vehicle and even provides details of the wallpaper inside the house. I am sure if the house holder was in then that huge gun followed by tons of tank was a rude interruption.

The second feature to catch my eye features a British A13 Mk IV cruiser tank in service with the Wehrmacht during World War Two. The article provides 23 images of different A13 Mk IV cruiser tank in German service with the icing on the cake being an artist’s rendering of one of these vehicles, showing the front, back, top and left side. You will not be surprised to see that the Germans put a lot of crosses on these tanks to avoid being shot at by their own side.

The next feature to grab my attention shares 10 pictures of a 1960’s Land Rover in service with the Royal Air Force as a fire fighting vehicle. If you like your models loud this red and white Land Rover should meet your needs, but scratch building the bowser, pump and piping might test you.

The last feature to appeal to me covers the current Bergepanzer based on the Leopard. These vehicles really appeal to me for reasons I know not why, maybe it is because I can see how easy it would make working on a World War Two artillery guns during renovations. The short series of 7 pictures show the Bergepanzer changing the power pack on a Leopard 2A6.

One thing I observed in the magazine that surprised me is a short feature on the new Mini which I believe is being utilised by the German Army, so if you want a change of pace this feature may appeal.


Well I hope this review has shown that not being able to read German should not deter you from picking this latest magazine up from Tankograd Publishing as there is a host of pictures to grab your attention between the covers. Picture quality is as always excellent and which on their own is worth the €8.95 price tag.
Highs: The mix of articles has a lot of appeal which despite the limited number of pictures due to space still provides great detail.
Lows: I do wish I could enjoy the text but as they say “I only speak two languages ‘English and bad English’.
Verdict: Well worth picking up for the pictures alone.
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  Mfg. ID: Nr. 1-2014
  Suggested Retail: €8.95
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 17, 2013

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