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Model Shipwrights

Another Italeri LCVP

1:35 landing craft vehicles personnel (lcvp)

what's in it?
LCVP model is Italeri 1/35 kit; Tommaso changed the crew's heads and hands with Hornet's ones and the arms from Dragon figures. Cargo supplies come from various kits (Italeri, Verlinden, Royal Model, etc....) Airbrushed with Gunze and Tamiya acrylic colors. Weathered with Humbrol and Schmincke Mussini oils.
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  • Tommaso_LCVP-03
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  • Tommaso_LCVP-05
  • Tommaso_LCVP-06
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About Tommaso Porro (tommaso66)

I'm a 39 years old modeller.. Unfortunately my engagements leave me less modelling time than I want!! As many of you I started building models in the 70's with first 1/72 Airfix kits. My favourite subjects are WWII 1/35 armours figures and dioramas... but now big helicopters too!