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MG Jesta; Desert Custom
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Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2014 - 08:54 PM UTC
Back in June 2014, I received a surprise gift from two of my friends. It was the fantastic MG Jesta and their thoughtful gifts was really appreciated and made me happy to no bound.

Little do I know that I would be using this Jesta to be a part of a great team build with some fine gentlemen of the gunpla world, two of which are responsible for the gift; Simon/GundamUK, Derick/DX9902, Darren/The Anglian viking, Jeff/Effael and Justin/Justinius Builds. Simon and Darren were the two guilty for giving me this wonderful gem of a kit.

Anyway, we decided on a desert theme and I suggested we put ourselves as part of the 7th Mobile Suit Battalion and we agreed on naming our unit the '' Howling Coyotes ''. Everybody chose for a role within the team and I went for the artillery role. I gave this baby the call-sign ''Sphinx''.

Since we decided on a desert theme, the hardest for me to do was to decide on a colour scheme. I decided to go for a variation of the US MERDC's Red Desert colour scheme ( Link here - the pattern on the bottom of the page). Instead of 4 colours, I went with 3 colours.

That's the story of how this baby came to be. I will not be writing anything about how I painted and weather it as It will make the post into huge essay. These details can be found on my blog which I have linked after the photos -

I am my own harshest critique and there are some aspect of it that I could have done better. I did get rid of the seams on the guns but it wasn't enough. I can still see a little bit of seam on some places on the gun or was it a panel line? I don't know . I could have put more sand collected on the nook and crannies of the machine but I got bored of it so I just said enough. Also, I totally regret using black for the back ground. A total failure. . I could nit pick myself for some of the chippings as well. Not happy with some of them.

Many more photos and break down of what I did and the weathering effects are on my blog -
I would put more text here but I know people really don't like seeing a wall of text.
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Posted: Thursday, October 02, 2014 - 11:36 AM UTC
You painted a very interesting camouflage scheme that is a nice break from the ordinary desert tri-tone pattern. Your pattern really does break up the outline of the Gundam. The weathering and wear and tear on the surfaces look nice and gives it that "used look." Nice job!