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NW131 1/144 Space Shuttle with boosters detai
Severomoravsky Kraj, Czech Republic
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Posted: Sunday, August 16, 2015 - 10:47 PM UTC
Hi all,

We have another new product:
NW131 1/144 Space Shuttle with boosters detail set
the set should be used together wih the Revell kit. Why Revell? Revell is continuously available, it is cheap and it is the best starting point for upgrade. In some aspects Airfix is better, but the worst problem is that intertank section on ET is not cylinder, but a cone - in fact completely wrong. Revell decals are generaly excellent, just missing stencils for SRBs and ET - these decals are included in this detail set.
In the set you will find (for example) correct SSME and OMS engines , new both upper and bottom ends of SRBs, intertank section on ET, new tubes with all consoles running from upper to lower end on ET... It is hard to describe here all aspects of the set, as the set is containing 93 resin and 103 PE parts.
For details look at http://mek.kosmo.cz/newware/index.htm#nw131
I am looking forward for your orders.

Tom Kladiva
New Ware