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Out of Box Legilis Review
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Posted: Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 06:51 AM UTC
Looking at the last few Non-UC Gundam stories, Iíve felt a little let down. I totally disliked almost all aspects of Reconguista in G, and even most of the mechanical designs did nothing for me. I only bought two kits, if that tells you anything!

However, I did enjoy AGE. I seem to be in the minority, but I liked the show and always found the kits to be a good Ďimpulse buyí when I was at the hobby shop. There was a lot of variety in the designs, but most of them were interesting. I particularly liked the way the Vagan suits all seemed to have weird features, like tails!

Thatís why I was really taken with the Legilis: Itís a Gundam, but with a tail! Itís also extremely cool-looking and very, very lithe. Usually I end up getting the heavy-armour-types, but the Legilis justlooked so fast, even standing still!

I was digging through the stash the other day and it occurred to me that itís been a while since I heard about AGE at all, and I thought Iíd share a quick Out of Box review of the Legelis. If you like your Gundams with a tail and wings, youíre in!