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MG Gundam AGE-1
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Posted: Thursday, September 08, 2016 - 05:02 AM UTC
A few years ago Bandai expanded the Gundam franchise again with the Gundam AGE TV series. At the time, it was somewhat criticized as being a bit too “kiddie”. Sure, the character designers looked a little simpler and more “Digimon-ish” than what we’d seen before, but really, the accusation isn’t fair. AGE was a good show, and it managed to do a lot more than most other Gundam series of the same length without getting too bogged down in contrived introspection.

Of course, Bandai when to town when it came to kits for AGE. Mind you, they made more kits for Unicorn and it was only a 7 episode OVA, but there were a lot of different age kits to choose from. The earliest Master Grade from AGE was the AGE-1 Normal, the ‘most basic’ form of the Gundam, but one that made it all the way through to the last episode of the series. I’ve always been a fan of the AGE-1, and was glad to give the MG a go.

Check out this somewhat overlooked Master Grade below. Maybe you’ll see that AGE wasn’t so bad after all!