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Gundam Panzer Style! (Also, some fail)
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Posted: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 02:19 AM UTC
So, I picked up this $8 Gundam 1/144 Cold Districts kit at my local hobby shop for $8. I snapped it up, and gave it a 3 color German WW2-esque color scheme. I drilled some holes, attached some plastic tubing, and gave it a panel line was with Tamiya's product. I left it overnight feeling happy with my work and looking forward to weathering it up. I went to work, and came home for lunch to find this...mess. The panel line wash ate the plastic, and the entire kit is disintegrating before my eyes. < sadface >

Now, instead of a poseable panzer-mech, it's going to be glued together with CA like a jigsaw puzzle. Lesson learned--the subsequent kits will be glued with CA, and washed with oils.