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Master Grade Shenlong - with custom touches
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Posted: Wednesday, May 03, 2017 - 05:58 AM UTC
I think Iím like most modellers in that Iím nostalgic for some of the older kits I built as a kid when I was first getting into modelling. However, for me itís not so much model cars and planes that do this to me as it is model mecha. I love robots especially ones from animes, and when I found out that I could get MODEL robots I was over the moon!

Some of the first Gundam kits I built (Iíve built well over 100 now) were the small ďno gradeĒ and bigger, deluxe (for the time) High Grade (HG) Wing Gundam kits. Back when they were new, 22 years ago, the 1/100 HG kits were the pinnacle of Gundam models>. However, times change, and to keep up with things, Bandai has released Master Grades (MGs) of all the Wing Gundam main machines.

The first HG I ever built was the Shenlong, and so it only seemed fitting that the first MG Wing kit I built would be the Shenlong as well. Itís a very nice kit, but I have to say that the proportions are a bit off.

Check out my finished MG Shenlong at the link below, and let me know what you think, both about my build, and about the machineís proportions.