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GM II Cannon
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Posted: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 04:33 AM UTC
If thereís one thing that Build Fighters has taught us, itís that itís cool to customize Gundam kits. Of course, many of us knew that already. For a good number of us, the more generic types of MS kits (like Zakus, Doms and GMs) are sometimes even more attractive as canvases for our imaginations than the more famous mecha in the Gundam universe.

A perfect example is the GM series from both the original Gundam, and itís barely-upgraded Z Gundam follow on, the GM II. I was surprised when Bandai bothered to make a GM II, and I was even more surprised when I bought it. I donít really like the GM II at all, but like all of its cannon-fodder ilk, it had potential to be so much more!

Check out my GM Cannon modification to this otherwise hapless suit, giving it not only more punch and personality, but also making it harder to pin down in the UC timeline!