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Anyone build Gundam models?
Kuching, Malaysia
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Posted: Monday, May 05, 2003 - 01:59 PM UTC
I just started on my first gundam model, it's a HG RGM-19(G) 1/144. I don't think i'm gonna paint it completely. I just finished my Macross VF-1A super veritech 1/72 and i don't feel like going through the painting process for the time being. This GM is my first but certainly not my last as I have 2 more hgucs (Gundam MkII and Zaku2 Char's) and 3 more MGs (EZ8, RX-79(G) and NT-1 Alex) to be built.
Anyway if anyone have not said it, u can get Gundams and all other types of jap models at
www.hlj.com . the price and shipping (when delivered to my country) is quite reasonable. and the site is realiable.
Metro Manila, Philippines
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Posted: Thursday, May 08, 2003 - 02:42 AM UTC

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I build Gundams too but the opposite of Lonewolf---that is I do "Alternate Universe" for I dislike the blocky U.C. Gundams. I always build 1/100 for I find 1/144 too small to be of any use. I like height when it comes to "tall" models.

Built----Gundam X Double X (tolerances are OK...parts do fall off after a while)
1/144 Gundam FA-ZZ. (I hated this horrible 1970s kit and used it for hovertank parts).

Started----Gundam Serpent Custom (Ran out of airbrush paint--drat! There's drops on the plastic that I have to sand off).

- Sandrock Custom
- Tallgeese III (2) (One kit went to make my Merkava 3 hovertank)
- Heavy Arms Custom
- Master Grade FA-ZZ
- Resin EX-S

I like U. C. better. I have built the Alternate Universes models (Gundam X, G, Wing, Endless Waltz) all in 1/100 scale. U. C. Models are far more articulate especially the Master Grade ones. Easy to pose, paint and a hell of weapons and official variations. Check out the MG Zaku II. This kit has the most variations.